Institutional Review Board (IRB)

Human subject research at Georgetown University School of Foreign Service in Qatar must be carried out in conformity with the basic ethical principles governing research involving human subjects.

The Georgetown University in Qatar Institutional Review Board (GU-Q IRB) is responsible for the review of and oversight of the conduct of human subject research that is conducted at GU-Qatar and/or by representatives of the University. The GU-Q IRB performs both prospective and continuing reviews of every study involving research with human subjects in order to assure that it is being conducted ethically, and in compliance with GU and Qatar’s Ministry of Public Health (MoPH) regulations, the requirements of applicable law, this institution’s Assurance, and this institution’s policies and procedures.

To fulfill its objectives, the GU-Q IRB reviews all human subject research protocols to assess the ethics of the research and its methods, to promote fully informed and voluntary participation by prospective subjects who are themselves capable of making such choices (or, if that is not possible, informed permission given by a suitable proxy) and to maximize the safety of subjects once they are enrolled in the project.All research with human subjects that is conducted at or by GU-Q must be prospectively reviewed and approved by the GU-Q IRB. No human subject research may be initiated or continued at GU without prior approval of the IRB.

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