Situated in Education City, Qatar’s knowledge and innovation hub, the GU-Q campus was developed in partnership with Qatar Foundation to help develop a knowledge based economy in Qatar through research and teaching. This partnership in turn provided GU-Q’s world-renowned faculty the ability to truly go global in their approach to teaching, learning and research.  The environment has been remarkably productive; since 2005, GU-Q faculty and staff have published over 100 books, the first 100 of which are presented here.

These books represent a snapshot of leading edge research that cover topics of local concern such as the Gulf crisis and Arabic for heritage learners, to global concerns such as intelligence and national security, overcoming poverty, Islam and the west, and the representation of women. The importance of the research findings is reflected in the prestige of the presses that publish them, which include Cambridge University Press, Columbia University Press, Cornell University Press, Oxford University Press, State University of New York Press, University of Minnesota Press, Hurst, Routledge, and Sage.