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We want to get to know you!

We know you have questions, and we want to help! There are several ways which you can meet with Admissions staff and receive information, counseling, and application tips.

Talk to Admissions

Sometimes, the best way to ask your questions is in a one-on-one setting. Prospective students and parents can sign up to speak with one of our Admissions Officers in a personal and one-on-one setting. These sessions are available to prospective students located both here in Qatar and internationally over the phone. Ask all the questions you have, and get advice and information regarding your specific case. There are several sessions available weekly.

To register for a phone call, sign up for one our sessions here.

Admissions Hours

Admissions Hours offer prospective high school and transfer students an opportunity to learn, experience, and explore Georgetown University. These sessions feature presentations by Admissions staff about Georgetown University, our academic programs, student life, career opportunities, the application requirements and a guided tour of the campus with GU students. Admissions Hours are held on Mondays from 4:30 PM - 5:30  PM.

Admissions Workshops

The Office of Admissions offers monthly 1-hour workshops, that are tailored to prospective students' needs regarding college applications.

Online Application Tutorial

During the workshop, Admissions staff guide students step-by-step through the online application and answer any questions the students might have.

Personal Statement Workshop

In this workshop, students will learn the essential elements of writing a good personal statement, techniques to stand out as applicants and mistakes to avoid.

How to Ace Your Interview

Led by Georgetown Students, this workshop will offer prospective students tips and secrets of a successful interview and an opportunity to practice interview questions. 

To register for an Admissions Hour or Workshop, please sign up for our sessions here.