GU-Q takes its duty of care to its community very seriously. This short presentation with commentary is intended to give the necessary information to help you protect yourself and improve your chances of surviving an active threat event unhurt – we ask that you please take a moment to familiarize yourself with the information provided.

Action Steps

RUN: If the threat is in your building and you have a clear exit:

  • Evacuate the building quickly and get as far away as you can
  • Remember what’s important – YOU – not your stuff, so leave it
  • DO NOT activate the fire alarm 
  • Encourage others to leave with you
  • Once out of the building and a safe distance, try to prevent others from entering
  • Call 999

HIDE : If the threat is in your building and you it not safe to run:

  • Find place to hide   
  • Act quickly and quietly
  • Lock the door it if you can and barricade it from the inside with heavy objects
  • Hide out of view, turn out the lights, silence your cell phone and remain quiet
  • Call 999 or Security [4457 8456] – try to give as much relevant information about the situation

FIGHT: If you think you have no other options, as a last resort – FIGHT

  • Act with 100% physical aggression
  • Commit to taking the threat down, no matter what
  • Act as a group [if you are not alone]
  • Use improvised weapons (i.e. fire extinguisher, hot coffee, scissors, chair, heavy book etc.)
  • Focus on vulnerable body areas (i.e eyes, throat, groin, shins)