We offer undergraduates a Bachelor of Science in Foreign Service (BSFS), a liberal arts degree that stresses multidisciplinary studies in a global context.


Core Curriculum

Students devote much of the first two years to a Core Curriculum that provides the essentials of a liberal education and a foundation for further intellectual development. During sophomore year, students choose from one of Four Majors focused on global issues. Although the majors are rooted in particular disciplines, each incorporates intellectual perspectives from several fields.

This dual emphasis on international scope and multidisciplinary approaches distinguishes the curriculum of the School of Foreign Service in Qatar from that of other liberal arts programs.



Earn a Bachelor of Science in Foreign Service






Certificate in American Studies

The program provides students with a solid understanding of the historical development of the American people, providing the necessary context for the exploration of cultural and social themes across a variety of disciplines, as well as the advanced study of American political processes and institutions. View details


Certificate in Arab and Regional Studies

The program capitalizes on the unique geographical, cultural and academic situation of SFS-Q to highlight the connection of regional history with current issues, as well as to stress the impact of culture on the self-understanding of the Arab and Islamic world and its relationship with the West. View details


Certificate in Media and Politics

The program enables students to better understand how politicians, diplomats, and policy makers influence, and are themselves influenced by, the media in its myriad forms and formats. It also introduces students to the ideological and political implications of the representations that the mass media generate. View details


Programs for High School Students

Community Classes

Academic Affairs and Continuing and Executive Education, collaborate to deliver non-credit courses each fall and spring semester for the benefit of the community in Qatar. Classes are open to all who are interested in personal and/or professional enrichment. Classes are taught by faculty from Georgetown, Qatar University and other universities in Education City. Classes last six weeks and meet weekly. Fall semester classes meet in October/November, and spring semester classes meet in March/April. Exact dates and registration information are available a month prior to the start of classes at https://epe.qatar.georgetown.edu/community-education

If you are interested in teaching a community class, review the requirements, complete the proposal form and submit it electronically to Dr. Christine Schiwietz, Assistant Dean for Academic Affairs.



SFS-Q Library is one of the best in the region with approximately 100,000 e-books and 500 online database


Study Abroad

All SFS-Q students are encouraged to study abroad at some point during their academic career.


Student Life

Experience an unmatched and engaging academic life.



SFS-Q Students visit South Africa, as part of their co-curricular activities.

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