Bachelor of Science in Foreign Service (BSFS) Degree Program

Founded in 1919, Georgetown's School of Foreign Service (SFS) sought to educate students about global issues and prepare them for a life of service - in business, government, or for a humanitarian agency. Today the School of Foreign Service offers students in both Washington, D.C. and Doha, Qatar an interdisciplinary undergraduate degree program built on a liberal arts education. Students begin their studies with the SFS and University core curriculum, giving them an understanding of philosophy, theology, the humanities, economics, political science, history, and other disciplines. During sophomore year, students choose a major, allowing them to further develop specialization in one area of international affairs. This dual emphasis on international affairs and the interdisciplinary approach distinguishes the curriculum of the School of Foreign Service from that of other liberal arts programs. In addition to their work on campus, many SFS students study and work abroad during their junior year and do independent research and internships in their senior year.

Georgetown's campus in Qatar offers students a chance to study the same SFS curriculum with world-class faculty, but the class sizes are much smaller, and the location is excellent for students who want to learn about the Arab World. The BSFS Degree is a four-year full-time program, requiring 120 credits and 38 courses and proficiency in a language other than English to graduate. We offer language instruction in Arabic and French.

We offer four majors:

  • International History (IHIS),
  • International Economics (IECO),
  • International Politics (IPOL), and
  • Culture and Politics (CULP).

We offer optional Minors in:

  • Arabic Language
  • Economics
  • History
  • Government
  • Philosophy
  • Theology

We offer three optional Certificates:

  • American Studies (CAST),
  • Arab and Regional Studies (CARS), and
  • Media and Politics (CMAP) (in partnership with Northwestern University in Qatar).


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