Accelerated BSFS/Master’s Degree and Graduate Early Assurance Program

Eligibility and Admissions Process

Third year students in GU-Q who have maintained an honors average (3.500 or better) are eligible to apply to one of the above multidisciplinary master’s degree programs within the university. Students with appropriate undergraduate course work may count graduate level courses toward the undergraduate degree.  Some of the graduate programs may permit appropriate courses beyond those required for the undergraduate degree to be applied toward the master’s degree within limits set by policy and with explicit approval of the particular master’s program, the BSFS Program, and the Graduate School.

Admission to the accelerated degree programs is highly competitive. Applicants must satisfy all application procedures as outlined by the Graduate Admissions Office (except for completion of the Graduate Record Examination (GRE)). In addition to maintaining an honors cumulative GPA of 3.5 or higher, students must also meet the following requirements: complete the SFS core curriculum by the end of junior year, and complete at least half the courses in the student’s undergraduate major by the end of junior year.

Successful applicants matriculate fully into the graduate program in the fourth year, and spend the fourth and final year of the BSFS Program at Georgetown’s Washington, DC campus. The BSFS degree is conferred at the end of the fourth year of studies upon completion of all undergraduate degree requirements. The fifth year of studies is spent entirely at the Washington, DC campus as a graduate student. Please see the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences Graduate Bulletin for information and requirements of the master’s programs.

GU-Q students must meet with their Curricular and Advising Dean before the end of October of their junior year to express an interest in pursuing one of these degree programs. Students should review the basic requirements, and satisfy all graduate school application procedures as outlined by the Graduate Admissions Office, by January 15.

Applicants must also contact Dean Lisa Gordinier ( in the Bachelor of Science in Foreign Service Dean’s Office prior to submitting an application to the Accelerated Programs.

Graduate Early Assurance Program

Georgetown Law Early Assurance Program

The Early Assurance Program is designed to encourage top undergraduates from Georgetown University to apply to the Law Center. The Program is for Juniors currently enrolled at Georgetown University, and students in all majors are encouraged to apply. Applications are due by March 16 of your junior year. Early Assurance is designed to give a student the freedom to pursue a less conventional curriculum during his or her senior year and is non-binding.