Faculty Seminars

The GU-Q Faculty Seminars is a regular series in which GU-Q faculty and guests present research in progress and receive feedback from other faculty members.

Recent Seminars

Ottoman Literature as World Literature: Armenian and Turkish Fiction in Comparative Perspective

Moderated by Ian Almond and featuring Mehmet Fatih Uslu of Koç University, this talk analyzes the development of Armenian and Turkish novel writing in Istanbul between 1896-1915 from a comparative perspective with a focus on the foremost novelists of the period including Krikor Zohrab, Zabel Yessayan, Halit Ziya, and Mehmet Rauf.

Environmental Litigation: Using Law to Fight Climate Change

Lawyer James Geist Mokehfi’s talk covers emerging case law around Climate Change, exploring common legal reasonings behind landmark cases, whether governments and corporations can be held accountable for climate change consequences, and the kinds of effects law can have on emissions, behavior, and public policy.

2020-2021 Seminars

Due to the pandemic there were only a limited number of faculty seminars held during the 2020-2021 Academic Year.

Armenians in Modern Turkish Literature: The Case of Ahmet Hamdi Tanpinar

Ahmet Hamdi Tanpinar (1901-1962) is one of the greatest Turkish writers of the twentieth century. A conservative Turkish nationalist writer who had many Armenian friends and connections to the Armenian world, this faculty seminar examines some of the ambiguities and ambivalences within Tanpinar’s own work –and how his fiction dealt with, or ignored, the Ottoman violence inflicted upon Armenians during this period.

Ian Almond, Professor of World Literature at GU-Q
Guest Panelist: Mehmet Fatih Uslu, Associate Professor of Turkish Language and Literature at İstanbul Şehir Üniversitesi
Moderator: Firat Oruc, GU-Q

2019-2020 Program of Events

Fall 2019

  • A Colonial Muslim History of Chinese Central Asia: Revisiting Sayrāmī’s Tārīkh-i Ḥamīdī
    • Speaker: Eric Schluessel, Assistant Professor of Chinese History and Politics, University of Montana
    • Moderator: Max Oidtmann, GU-Q
  • Electoral Institutions and Intraparty Cohesion
    • Speaker: Dimitrios Xefteris, Assistant Professor, Department of Economics, University of Cyprus
    • Moderator: Alexis Antoniades, Georgetown University in Qatar
  • Re-Learning how Societies Transform and Conflicts End: Investing in Long-Term Social and Political Change in Israel/Palestine
    • Speaker: John Lyndon, Global Executive Director of the Alliance for Middle East Peace and Research Fellow at King’s College London
    • Moderator: Rory Miller, GU-Q
  • Sales and Markup Dispersion: Quantifying Misallocation
    • Speaker: Peter Neary, Professor of Economics at the University of Oxford and a Professorial Fellow of Merton College Oxford
    • Moderator: Alexis Antoniades, GU-Q
  • Employers’ perceptions of the Arabic Language Competencies and Skills of GU-Q Graduates
    • Speaker: Eleanore Hargreaves, Reader in Learning and Pedagogy, University College of London (UCL)
    • Moderator: Hany Fazza, Georgetown University Qatar

Spring 2020

  • Qaṭrāyīth: a Gulf Colloquial in Early Islamic Eastern Arabia
    • Speaker: Mario Kozah, Professor and Director of the Islamic Studies Program, Center for Arab and Middle Eastern Studies, American University of Beirut
    • Moderator: Abdul Rahman Chamseddine, Georgetown University in Qatar
  • Cultural Time and Everyday Life in a Small Moroccan Village
    • Speaker: Tarek Sabry, University of Westminster
    • Moderator: Sarah Abdussalam, GU-Q
  • Anticommunist Supplements: Christianity and Politics in South Korea
    • Speaker: Angie Heo, Assistant Professor of the Anthropology and Sociology of Religion, University of Chicago
    • Moderators: Uday Chandra and Sohaira Siddiqui, Georgetown University in Qatar
  • Thinking about Tankers: Labour Port-Making and Capitalism
    • Speaker: Laleh Khalili, Professor of International Politics, Queen Mary University of London
    • Moderator: Karine Walther, Georgetown University in Qatar

Past Year Programs