CITI Training and eRIC System

CITI Training

Human Subject Protection in Research Training (CITI Training)

Certification that one has completed training in human subject protection in research is required of all Georgetown University in Qatar faculty, investigators, study coordinators and other individuals directly involved in human subject research. An individual may complete this training, which should be updated every three years, by completing the on-line course from Collaborative IRB Training Initiative (CITI). You will need to register and create your own username and password. Please select Georgetown University as your institution.

More Information About CITI


 eRIC electronic IRB System

If you are submitting a new study, continuing review, modification, and/or reportable new information, please use the new IRB system.  The link to the new system as well as additional information regarding the system can be found at

Please note, on December 5th, the ability to submit any created item in eRIC (studies, amendments, continuing reviews, adverse events) permanently goes away.  December 21st is the last day any actions can occur in the eRIC system.  All outstanding actions must be
completed by this date for the study to be migrated to the new Georgetown-MedStar IRB System. Failure to do so will result in the withdrawal of the item so the study can be migrated into the new Georgetown-MedStar IRB system.  The withdrawn item will then need to be created/submitted in the new system.