Honors in the Major

SFS-Q has four curricular majors—International Politics (IPOL), Culture and Politics (CULP), International Economics (IECO) and International History (IHIST). Every year faculty members select a small group of each major’s top students and offer them training in the best principles of research in that field’s tradition. These 'Honors in the Major' students must author a substantial research paper that reflects nearly a year’s worth of work and present it to the SFS-Q community. Faculty members from each of the curricular majors read and critique the papers and decide which papers merit honors recognition. Students in all four majors are eligible to earn honors in the major. Requirements vary slightly by major but generally involve students having a thesis proposal approved, taking one or two semesters of honors research coursework, completing an honors thesis judged to be of honors quality by a faculty and decanal committee and earning a 3.33 cumulative GPA, and 3.67 GPA in the major for IECO, CULP and IPOL and a 3.5 overall GPA and 3.67 in the major for IHIST.

Further details on annual Honors in the Major awards are located in the Commencement section of our annual reports.

Honors in the Major for 2015-2016


Student Name: Hazim Zahir Ali
Thesis Title:: Mythophrenia: Constructions of Modernity in Contemporary Arab Discourse
Faculty Mentor: Amira El-Zein, Ph.D.   

Student Name: Hessa Jabr Al-Noaimi
Thesis Title: Acknowledging the “Lost Generation”: A Study of English in Qatar’s Education System
Faculty Mentor: Ahmad Al-Qassas, Ph.D. 

Student Name: Thereem Junaid Asghar
Thesis Title: The Drama and the Dramebaaz: Pakistani TV Shows as Educators and Medium of Resistance for Women Under Zia’s-Ul-Haq’s Regime
Faculty Mentor: Uday Chandra, Ph.D. 
Student Name: Aslı Altınışık   
Thesis Title: Qatar’s Contemporary Art Purchases: In and Outside the State, the Market, and the Media 
Faculty Mentor:  Firat Oruc, Ph.D. 

Student Name: Nadeen Nagy El-Ashmawy 
Thesis Title: Sexual Harassment in Egypt: Class Struggle, State Oppression, and Women’s Empowerment
Faculty Mentor: Amira Sonbol, Ph.D. 

Student Name: Tala Kaddoura
Thesis Title: Museum on a Hill: The Politics of Exhibition in Qatar
Faculty Mentor:  Amira Sonbol, Ph.D. 

Student Name: Layanne Malluhi   
Thesis Title: Fanfiction: The Transgression of Fandom Communities
Faculty Mentor:  Amy Nestor, Ph.D. 

Student Name: Deena Newaz
Thesis Title: The Ethics of Voicing Subaltern Women: Politics of Representing Birongona Women in Bangladesh 
Faculty Mentor: Ian Almond, Ph.D. ​

Student Name: Aleesha Suleman
Thesis Title: Kenyan-Asians in Civil Society: Expanding the Imagined Community
Faculty Mentor: Harry Verhoeven, Ph.D. 



Student Name: Ahwaz Akhtar
Thesis Title: Price Dynamics in England from 1820-1860: Corn, Trade Liberalization, and Railway Mania
Faculty Mentors: Alexis Antoniades, Ph.D. ; Jose Asturias, Ph.D. 



Student Name: Iman Abdulkadir Mohamed
Thesis Title: Imagining Postcolonial Somalia: Political Parties in 1948 Italian Somaliland 
Faculty Mentor:  Phoebe Musandu, Ph.D.



Student Name: Nadia Al-Khater
Thesis Title: Codification of Kinship Customs: Citizenship Laws in Qatar
Faculty Mentor:  Mehran Kamrava, Ph.D. 

Student Name: Razane Cherk 
Thesis Title: The Forgotten Colony: Diplomacy, Human Rights and Conflict Irresolution in the Western Sahara
Faculty Mentor: Mehran Kamrava, Ph.D. 

Student Name: Rumsha Shahzad  
Thesis Title: The Disengaged State: The Increasing Importance of Non-State Actors in Guest Worker Programs 
Faculty Mentor:  Mehran Kamrava, Ph.D. 



Honors in the Major for 2014-2015

Culture and Politics

Student Name: Dana Qarout
Thesis Title: The First Intifada as Impetus and Feminist Consciousness as Space: Palestinian Women Writers
Faculty Mentor: Prof. Ian Almond

International Politics 

Student Name: Fatema Hubail
Thesis Title: The Limits to 'Naming' and 'Shaming': The Ineffectiveness of NGOs in Changing Labor Practices in Qatar
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Kai-Henrik Barth

International Economics

Student Name: Fatma Marafi
Thesis Title: Gender Discrimination in Mortgage Lending
Faculty Mentor: Prof. Alexis Antoniades

Student Name: Farah Mallah
Thesis Title: Identifying Network Effects in the Adoption of Sanitary Latrines
Faculty Mentor: Prof. Daniel Westbrook


Honors in the Major for 2013-2014

Culture and Politics

Student Name: Waad Adam
Thesis Title: Ibn Dayfulla's Tabaqat: An Analysis of Proto National Identity under the Funj
Faculty Mentor: Prof. Karine Walther

Student Name: Mariam Al-Thani
Thesis Title: The Malleability of Identity: An Exploration of the Muslim-Arab Detroit Community
Faculty Mentor: Prof. Karine Walther

Student Name: Mohamed Khalil Harb
Thesis Title: Living and Imagining City Spaces: The Case of Beirut
Faculty Mentor: Prof. Elizabeth Andretta

International Economics

Student Name: Caroline Abi Saleh
Thesis Title: Loan Rejection Rates and Voters' Behavior
Faculty Mentor: Prof. Alexis Antoniades