Qatar Citizens Ministry Sponsorship Opportunities

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Qatari citizens may qualify for scholarships through the assistance of the Ministry of Education and Higher Education. For sponsored students, GU-Q Student Finance bills the Ministry for all tuition and fees, except textbooks. Students must pay GU-Q for their own textbooks.

How to Apply

  • For the scholarship application schedule and more information, please contact the ministry or visit the scholarship website: scholarship.edu.gov.qa.
  • Once you receive sponsorship, please make sure to provide your sponsorship letter to GU-Q Finance as soon as you receive it.
  • We encourage students to apply for sponsorships as early as possible.

Other Sponsorship Opportunities

Other organizations in Qatar also sponsor Qatari students at GU-Q . The list is growing each year and has included organizations such as Qatar Petroleum, Qatar Airways, Doha Bank, and Qatar National Bank.

How to Apply

  • Students are responsible for these relationships.
  • As soon as you receive your sponsorship, please provide your sponsorship letter to GU-Q Finance.

Other Forms of Aid Available

Grants & Scholarships

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US Federal Aid

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