Grants & Scholarships

Georgetown University in Qatar Grants & Scholarships

A limited number of need based grants & scholarships are available each year. The CSS Profile is required to determine eligibility for Georgetown University grant and scholarship assistance. For priority consideration, you should complete the CSS Profile by February 5th. Please note: not all funding options available at Georgetown University main campus are available to our students in Qatar. The CSS code for Georgetown University in Qatar is 4563.



Please note that to complete the CSS Profile, you will need to submit the following documentation:

  • Parents' bank statements for the last 6 months
  • Parents' income certificate from employer (including any benefits/allowances) and/or income statement if parents have their own business.
  • Parents' tax returns
  • HBKU/Qatar Foundation award notification (should be submitted when available)
  • Documentation of any external agencies/foundations/governments (excluding HBKU) to which you are applying for financial aid or scholarships.

These documents are only collected for the purpose of determining the correct financial aid package for students. All documents (excluding the HBKU award notification, which will likely be available later) are due by March 1st.

Georgetown University in Qatar admits and enrolls students without regard to their financial circumstances.