Make a Report

If you have experienced or witnessed an act of sexual harassment, misconduct, or discrimination, you are encouraged to tell someone about the incident, which is called making a report. You have three options: you can tell someone at GU-Q or GU, you can report the incident online, or in the case of an emergency, tell the police.

  1. Make a report to the University
    • Tell a Title IX Coordinator: Title IX Coordinators provide information about available support resources, explain the University’s policies and complaint processes, and coordinate protective measures and other timely services. Title IX Coordinators will keep all information about the incident private to the fullest extent possible, consistent with the University’s obligation to address complaints and ensure the safety of the campus community. Contacts:
    • Report to a Student Conduct Representative: Student conduct representatives will provide advice, connect students to the Title IX Coordinator, and coordinate any complaint procedures and intermediate safety steps.
      • John Wright, Director of Student Life at GU-Q – Office 1F11;, +974 4457 8228
      • Office of Student Conduct on Washington, DC Campus: or +1 (202) 687-4056
      • NOTE: Members of Student Development and the Student Conduct team are not confidential resources and are required to discreetly report any instances of sexual misconduct to a Title IX Coordinator.
    • Make an Online Report: If you wish to make a report in writing, you can submit your report online. This report goes to the Title IX coordinator, who will send you an email explaining your options and available resources.
  2. Make a report to the police
    • In an emergency dial 999 to be connected to medical and police services.

NOTE: Making a Report is not the same as filing a Complaint. An individual will typically only be informed that a report was made and undergo investigation when a formal Complaint is filed. It is your choice to file a Complaint or not, and there are many protective actions that can be taken without filing a formal Complaint or disclosing your identity. Contact the Deputy Title IX Coordinator for more details.