Talk to Someone

Speak Confidentially

Information you share will not be shared with anyone. You will not be contacted by a Title IX Coordinator.

During business hours, stop by the SWCC on the first floor, call +974 4457 8330, or email

After hours, call +974 5503 9044 and ask for the on-call counselor.


Speak confidentially to someone through the Employee Assistance Program available through ​​​​​​​


Contact Gosia Ledwon or Nicole Heinz in GU-Q Human Resources for other local resources.

Speak Non-Confidentially

If you disclose an incident to an employee who is not a confidential resource, information about your incident will be discreetly shared with the Deputy Title IX Coordinator, who will email you to provide resources and support. You are not obligated to respond.

Deputy Title IX Coordinator for GU-Q: Nicole Heinz or +974 4457 8506
Office 1A34 (in the Human Resources suite at GU-Q)

University Title IX Coordinator and Director of Title IX Compliance (in Washington, DC): Samantha Berner or +1 (202) 687-4798

Title IX Coordinators work with individuals who experience sexual misconduct to coordinate supportive measures and other timely services, provide information about available resources, and explain the University’s policies and complaint processes. Supportive measures are available for individuals who experience any type of sexual misconduct regardless of whether or not they file a formal complaint.

Services: Referral to Resources, Interim Safety Measures, Interim Academic Measures, Investigation Support


Director of Student Life at GU-Q: John Wright or +974 4457 8393
Office 1F14

Student Conduct Office on Main Campus (in Washington, DC): or +1 (202) 687-4056

Note: Members of Student Development and the Student Conduct team are not confidential resources and are required to discreetly report any instances of sexual misconduct to a Title IX Coordinator.

Student Conduct, in conjunction with the Director of Student Life at GU-Q, coordinates the investigation and resolution of sexual misconduct complaints brought against students.

Services: No contact orders, Student Conduct Complaints, Adjudication

Faculty & Staff can provide general support and resources should you wish to confide in them. However, they are not confidential resources and are required to discreetly inform the Deputy Title IX Coordinator of any reported instances of sexual misconduct.