Policies & Procedures Related to Title IX and Sexual Misconduct

Georgetown University’s Policy Statement on Sexual Misconduct applies to all GU students, faculty, and staff. To view the policy, click here.A snapshot overview of the Title IX Reporting and Complaint processes at GU-Q can be found here.  Please see summaries and links below for more detailed information. 

Process for Formal Complaints against Students

Process for Formal Complaints against Faculty or Staff 

  • Formal Complaints against Faculty or Staff are handled by GU’s Office of Institutional Diversity, Equity, and Affirmative Action (IDEAA) on GU’s main campus.  The IDEAA Grievance Procedures provide a detailed overview of the process.
  • Please contact GU-Q’s Deputy Title IX Coordinator or titleixideaa@georgetown.edu for more information and to initiate a Formal Complaint against a Faculty or Staff member.

NOTE: Making a Report is not the same as filing a Complaint. An individual will typically only be informed that a report was made and undergo investigation when a formal Complaint is filed. It is your choice to file a Complaint or not, and there are many protective actions that can be taken without filing a formal Complaint or disclosing your identity. Contact the Deputy Title IX Coordinator for more details.