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This section provides current and prospective students with information about the tuition and billing cycle.

Cost of Attendance

Students studying at Georgetown University in Qatar are assessed the same tuition charges as their counterparts studying in Washington DC. Below is a breakdown of items that the student will be billed for while attending Georgetown University-Qatar.


Tuition and Fees Structure

Summer 2018 fees

Fall 2017 fees

Spring 2018 fees

Total fees for Academic Year 2017-2018 for freshmen

Total fees for Academic Year 2017-2018 for returning students


To view the fee structure for Academic Year 2018-2019, please click here.


Summer 2018

  1. Tuition - $1,240 per credit hour
  2. Textbooks - $150 per class


Fall 2017

  1. Tuition
    Full-time student - $25,860 (QR. 94,389.00)
    Part-time student - $2,155 (QR. 7,865.75) per credit hour 
  2. Activity fee
    $80 (QR. 292.00) charged to all students
  3. Orientation fee
    $245 (QR. 894.25) charged to freshmen only
  4. Transcript fee
    $50 (QR. 182.50) charged to freshmen only
  5. Textbooks fee
    $600 (QR. 2,190.00) charged to all students
  6. Insurance
    $444 (QR. 1,620.60) charged to all students, except those who waived it

Spring 2018

  1. Tuition
    Full-time student - $25,860 (QR. 94,389)
    Part-time student - $2,155 (QR. 7,865.75) per credit hour
  2. Activity fee
    $80 (QR. 292) charged to all students
  3. Textbooks fee
    $600 (QR. 2,190.00) charged to all students

AY2017-2018; freshmen

  1. Tuition
    Full-time student - $51,720 (QR. 188,778.00)
    Part-time student - $2,155 (QR. 7,865.75) per credit hour
  2. Activity fee
    $160 (QR. 584.00) charged to all students
  3. Orientation fee
    $245 (QR. 894.25) charged to freshmen only
  4. Transcript fee
    $50 (QR. 182.50) charged to freshmen only
  5. Textbooks fee
    $1,200 (QR. 4,380.00) charged to all students
  6. Insurance
    $444 (QR. 1,620.60) charged to all students, except those who waived it

AY2017-2018; all students except freshmen

  1. Tuition
    Full-time student - $51,720 (QR. 188,778.00)
    Part-time student - $2,155 (QR. 7,865.75) per credit hour
  2. Activity fee
    $160 (QR. 584.00) charged to all students
  3. Textbooks fee
    $1,200 (QR. 4,380.00) charged to all students
  4. Insurance
    $444 (QR. 1,620.60) charged to all students, except those who waived it


2017-18 On-Campus Housing Costs at Qatar Foundation

On-Campus Housing Costs


Security Deposit (Refundable)  2,000
Annual Housing Fee (10 months)  17,680 to 23,880
Summer Housing Fees (2 months)  563 to 734 per week

Tuition: Tuition for a full-time course load (12 or more credits) is billed per semester at a flat rate up to 20 credit hours. Students taking fewer than 12 credits per semester will be charged per credit hour. SFS-Q students are expected to take a standard load of 15 credits per semester unless a heavier or lighter course load is approved by the academic dean. Beyond 20 credit hours, each additional credit hour for which the student is registered will result in an additional charge at the part-time rate, e.g.: a student registered for 20 credit hours will be charged $24,984.00, whereas a student registered for 21 hours will be charged $24,984.00 + $2,082.00. In case of withdrawal, tuition will be refunded according to the rates posted here

Student Activities Fee: This fee is mandatory every semester for any student.

Textbooks:  All textbooks are ordered for and distributed to students by Georgetown University. SFS-Q students are charged a flat fee each semester for textbook costs; this flat fee is generally substantially lower than the actual cost of books.

Insurance:  Students are automatically enrolled in SFS-Q’s health plan unless they opt to waive out of the plan. Students can waive out only if they can provide proof of insurance coverage through a parent or spouse that is equivalent to SFS-Q’s coverage. Students must waive out of the insurance plan before the beginning of the school year.  Students are notified of the deadline by Student Health and Wellness during the summer prior to enrolling at SFS-Q. Students must resubmit their documentation each year in order to continue to opt out of the SFS-Q insurance plan.

To find more information about waiving your insurance charge, click here.

  • Transcript and Orientation Fees If you are an entering student, you also will be charged a transcript fee and an orientation fee. These are one-time only fees.
  • Admissions Deposit A non-refundable admissions deposit is required upon admission to the University. The full deposit is applied as a payment toward the total balance in the first semester bill.

Room & Board On-Campus Housing can be requested through Qatar Foundation. Students are billed separately for these fees. Be sure to check your invoice for housing fee deadlines. There are no campus meal-plans. Freshmen Housing does not include kitchen facilities, but upperclassmen can choose an apartment with a kitchen. There are several dining options in the Student Center and each building has a cafeteria with reasonable prices (e.g., full-course lunch costs QR. 26).


Billing and Payment


Bills for fall and spring semesters are available to the student body within the first month of classes of each semester. Students receive notification via email that their bills are available in their mailboxes and online.

Students have one month—from the date they are notified their bills are available—to pay their bill. This includes either direct payments (submitted to SFS-Q Student Finance) or providing SFS-Q Student Finance with proof of any scholarships, sponsorship or financial aid. Any balance larger than $2,000 USD results in a hold being placed on the student account. This hold prevents the student from pre-registering or registering for subsequent semesters. Any charges from the previous semester bills that are unpaid are rolled over into the subsequent semester bill. This is listed at the top of the bill as the “Prior Term Balance.”

Please check the amount of tuition to be sure it is correct.



Accepted methods of payment include:

  • Paper Checks, Cash (paid in Qatari Riyals)
  • Wire Transfers (contact SFS-Q Finance for account information and payment instructions)
  • Third-Party Billing (e.g., Sponsors)
  • Financial Aid (e.g., QF Loan, FAFSA)

Installment Payment Plan: Students can enroll in payment plans that allow for payments to be made in four installments each semester. Submission of all post-dated checks to SFS-Q Finance on the first installment date of each semester is preferred. Families opting to make payments by wire transfers must submit proof of transfer before or on the monthly due date.

Please note: Students on the installment payment plan can be blocked from registering for a subsequent semester if payments are not submitted on time.


Main Campus Study/Study Abroad

Students have the option of applying to study at Georgetown University, Main Campus in Washington, D.C., or elsewhere abroad during their junior year. Financial Aid for students studying on Main Campus/Study Abroad is available on a limited basis. Students receiving financial aid or scholarship through Qatar Foundation or Higher Education Institute are eligible for one semester of studying on Main Campus/Study Abroad and should notify their sponsor— during their financial aid application process before their junior year—of their intent to study abroad. To learn more about the costs involved with your program of choice, you can go to Main Campus Office of Student Financial Services and Office of Global Education websites for more information.

Frequently Asked Questions

When should I apply for financial aid?
As soon as possible. The sooner you submit a complete application, the sooner you can have a decision about your financial aid eligibility.  This gives you more time to decide if the next four years at Georgetown will be financially manageable for you and your family.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Students who apply EARLY receive notification of their financial aid eligibility at a faster rate than those who wait to apply. We recommend that students begin the application process early and submit their completed application as soon as the application date opens. It is not possible for newly admitted students to submit the financial aid application until they have received their official letter of admission. Admission offers are generally made in mid-April.

How do I apply for QF Financial Aid?
Go to to register through Qatar Foundation (QF) for an account. Collect and scan the required documents for the QF financial aid application. Once your account is activated by Qatar Foundation, you will upload the required documents to your QF account.

How do I know if I qualify for financial aid?
Qatar Foundation will assess your financial need based on your application material. While there is no guarantee that financial funding will be provided, we do encourage you to apply early. This will ensure that decisions about your financial aid are made with enough time to allow you and your family to make an informed decision about the financial feasibility of studying at Georgetown University SFS-Q.


Contact Information and Quick Links

SFS-Q Student Finance

Zuzanna Tamas
+974 4457-8567


Qatar Foundation

Qatar Foundation Home Page
Hamad Bin Khalifa Financial Aid Page
Qatar Foundation Financial Aid Application Log-In Page
Email or call +974 4454-0400


Higher Education Institute

Higher Education Institute Home Page
Higher Education Institute Scholarship Information

Office of Student Financial Services - Main Campus

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Georgetown University Office of Global Education

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