Student Health Insurance

Georgetown University in Qatar (GU-Q) requires all students to have a supplementary private health insurance coverage. Additionally, all enrolled students are recommended to obtain and carry their Qatar National Health (Hamad) Card.

Qatar National Health

The State of Qatar provides national health coverage for all residents of Qatar by providing them with a National Health (Hamad) Card. International students are eligible to obtain a National Health Card after receiving their Residence Permit. GU-Q will help these students to obtain their National Health Card. All other students (Qatari citizens and expatriates residing in Qatar) are recommended to apply for and/or renew their National Health Card on their own in the Primary Healthcare Center located in their district.

Private Health Insurance

Georgetown University in Qatar requires all students residing in Qatar to carry a supplementary private health insurance, in addition to their Qatar National Health (Hamad) Card. Therefore, GU-Q has negotiated a comprehensive medical and travel policy designed specifically for GU-Q students. All students will be automatically enrolled and charged a premium fee for this insurance on their student billing accounts. See below for more information.

Frequently Asked Questions

All students will be automatically enrolled in the student insurance arranged by GU-Q, unless they decline the coverage and provide documentation of an adequate insurance coverage under another private policy. If students have coverage by another private insurance that remains in effect throughout the academic year, and they wish to decline the student health insurance arranged by GU-Q, they must complete the Insurance Waiver Form and provide a copy of their current private insurance. Students will receive email reminders every spring about the waiver option. Students must fill the waiver form every year, even if their enrollment in a private health insurance coverage stays active in subsequent years. If students wish to maximize their health care access, they may enroll in the insurance arranged by GU-Q along with their own private health coverage. Please compare your insurance policy with the Student Insurance Policy and Highlight of Benefits to make a decision about waiving the insurance plan arranged by GU-Q.

Students are responsible for understanding their insurance coverage and benefits and must carefully read the enrollment and benefit details, including the inclusions, exclusions, and limitations of their coverage. For detailed benefits of insurance enrollment refer to the Student Health Insurance Table of Benefits.

When studying at another university, including Georgetown University DC campus, you must follow the insurance policy for that university as well as Georgetown University Office of Global Education insurance requirements for study abroad students. For more information about insurance coverage requirements refer to the Qatar and Study Abroad Insurance Flowchart. If you have further questions, please contact us by email

Current Student Health Insurance offers Direct Billing Facilities in Qatar and Direct Billing Facilities Abroad. To benefit from these direct billing options, you would need to present your Qatar ID, student ID, and the insurance card.

If there is no direct billing between the insurance company and health care providers and pharmacies, you will need to pay out of pocket and then claim the cost by completing the Reimbursement Claim Form and following the instruction on Insurance User Guide in order to be reimbursed. It is your responsibility to check with your Student Insurance Table of Benefits for covered medical services.

Insurance Help Desk

Phone: +974 7781 3869 (Phone and WhatsApp)
Sunday-Thursday: 8 am –9 pm; Saturday: 9 am –5 pm