On Campus

Georgetown University is located in Education City with several other universities.  The broader campus includes Residence Halls, a Recreation Center, and a Student Center. These facilities gives students a range of options when it comes to activities, fitness and dining.


The Qatar Foundation Community and Recreation Center has recreational gyms, fitness rooms, soccer fields, tennis and squash courts, and a pool for students to use. It has also begun to offer classes like Pilates, spinning and water aerobics. The Student Center also has brand new fitness rooms, as well as sport courts that can be used/reserved. Additionally, the Student Center operates a bowling alley, arcade, and large T.V room.

The Georgetown building also has a gym for students, faculty and staff use.  

Dining Options

There are cafeterias in most buildings, including in each Residence Hall complex and the Georgetown Building.  There are several options in the Student Center, including a small grocery store.

Many restaurants and fast food places deliver to Education City. You can access the following services online:


There are Shuttle Buses in Education City operated by Georgetown University and by Qatar Foundation.  

To get off campus, there are additional shuttle buses and taxis. It is difficult to get a cab at short notice, so plan ahead and call for pickup.  It is easy to get a taxi from the airport and major malls.

Uber and Careem, the ride-hailing apps, also work in Qatar.

Public buses don’t drop off inside of Education City, so they are difficult to reach.  

For options and schedules, visit the GUQ transportation page.