Visas for Visiting Family

Policy and Procedure

If a member of your family needs a visa to enter Qatar, Georgetown can request assistance from Qatar Foundation, your sponsor. The following procedure and guidelines will apply:

Visa On Arrival:

  • Qatar Foundation (QF) will not process a visa request for anyone who can get it on arrival at the airport. The following is a link to the 33 nationalities in this category: approved countries.
  • The traveler's passport needs to be valid for at least 6 months past the date of entry.
  • Some residents of GCC countries are eligible for a visa on arrival - see this site if it pertains to your family: GCC residents.

Visa In Advance:

  • If your family member cannot get a visa on arrival, we need at least 2 weeks to process the request.
  • Visa requests for official Georgetown or QF events, such as Family Day and Commencement, will be supported by Georgetown. Again, we need at least 2 weeks to process the request.
  • QF will only facilitate the process for immediate family members (parents and siblings).
  • Submit to Omar Al Swadi a copy of each traveler's passport pages which contain a photo, country of issue and current expiration date.
  • For non-event visits, family members should try to get a visa from the hotel where they are staying. Most major hotels in Qatar provide this service. If your family is unable to get a visa from the hotel, please inform Naila Sherman, Office of Student Development.