Mission Statement

To provide timely, relevant and accurate information to various constituents within and outside the institution concerning resource planning, budgeting and analysis in support of the university’s mission.  Our roles and responsibilities are:

  • To provide accurate and timely reports and information to the University community regarding budgetary and other selected financial matters.
  • To prepare, implement, and maintain the University’s annual operating budget and long-range plan.
  • To develop budget forecasts, revisions, reports and analyses to support resource allocation and decision-making as requested by budgetary unit administrators and senior administration.
  • To implement budgets and funding for major capital and construction projects.
  • To utilize technologies and tools to improve timeliness and accuracy of financial analyses, budget planning and development, and management reporting.
  • GU-Q’s budget team provides all departments monthly budget reports for expense reconciliation and analysis.

For any budget related questions, please contact: Karim Muhtasib at email: km1121@georgetown.edu