Guidelines and Forms


Accessibility Addendum

Application for Waiver of Insurance Requirement

Amendment to Contract 

Asset Registration Form

Budget to Actual Review and Reconciliation

Cash Advance Request and Petty Cash Request

Contract Request Cover Sheet & Instructions

Catering Supplier List

Expense Report Reimbursement

Gifts Disclosure

GU-Q Employee Conflict of Interest Disclosure

Housing Lease Contract Cancellation Form

Honorarium Agreement

IC Tax Questionnaire

Independent Contractor Agreement

Interdepartmental Invoice

International Standard Agreement

International Standard Agreement for India

Journal Voucher JV

Miscellaneous Payment Request (Ad Hoc)

Mileage Reimbursement 

Missing Receipts Memo

Per Diem

Prepaid Card Recipient Acknowledgement

Procard Cash Withdrawal Reconciliation

Procard Missing Receipt

Purchase Requisition

Purchase Requisition Training

Single Source Justification

Sole Source Justification

Software as a Service (SaaS) Agreement Job Aid

Software as a Service (SaaS) Subscription Agreement

Student Stipend Form

Supplier Conflict of Interest Disclosure

Supplier / Customer Information Addendum (CIA)

Supplier Maintenance Form

Supplier Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA)

Travel Health/Medical Insurance Waiver

UIS Checklist for Contract Review (to be completed by requesting department)

UIS Statement of Work for Web-Related Contracts

UIS Technical Review Questionnaire (to be completed by supplier)

W-8BEN (for non-U.S. – individuals)

W-8BEN-E (for non-U.S. – Entities)


W9 (for U.S. based)

Honorarium AgreementAgreement template to be completed by non-GU employees traveling to Doha for all honoraria and honoraria-related travel expenses. Accurate contact and bank details are required. Agreed amount, date, and location of the service are required. 
Honorarium Eligibility FormTemplate to be completed by non-GU employees traveling to GU-Q for all academic-related honoraria to verify eligibility to receive an honorarium.
Purchase Requisition FormTemplate to use by the department required for any purchase request over $500.00.
Sole Source JustificationTo provide justification for sourcing from a specific supplier or sole supplier.
Interdepartmental Invoice Form To request departmental marketing giveaways from the GU-Q bookstore.
Mileage Reimbursement Template for the travel log attachment to the Employee Expense Report Reimbursement Form to get reimbursed for the cost of mileage incurred for business travel.
Missing Receipts Memo To document missing receipts.
Expense Reimbursement FormFor employee’s business and travel reimbursement.  To convert currencies other than USD/QAR, please click here.
Cash Advance Request FormTo request a cash advance, see Cash Advance Policy
Petty Cash Request FormTo request reimbursement for minor miscellaneous business-related expenses not related to travel. The petty cash limit is QAR300.
Gifts Disclosure FormForm to be completed by employees receiving a gift.
Journal Voucher spreadsheetTemplate to transfer a charge from one cost center to another.  Please download the Excel file.
Procard Cash Withdrawal Reconciliation Form For listing expenses paid through procard cash withdrawal. 
Procard Missing Receipt Form Use when receipt(s), or supporting documentation for a procard transaction is missing.
Procard FAQ’sFrequently asked questions and answers pertaining to procard-related topics.
 Catering List All catering suppliers registered in GMS must be processed through GU-Q Accounts Payable to avoid duplication of payment. For orders above $500 must submit a purchase requisition.
Supplier Conflict of Interest Disclosure FormAll suppliers interested in conducting business with Georgetown University in Qatar (GU-Q) must complete and return this form (Supplier Conflict of Interest Disclosure Form) to the Procurement Unit in the Office of Finance and Research Compliance in order to do business with the university and/or be eligible to be awarded a contract.
W-8BEN (for non-U.S. – individuals)Tax Form to be completed by individuals to certify their non-American status.
Frequently asked questions and answers pertaining to procard-related topics were listed.Tax Form to be completed by International business entities outside the U.S.A.
W-8EXPTax Form to be completed by governmental/tax-exempt and other related organizations outside the U.S.A.
W9 (for U.S. based)Tax Form to be completed online only by Individuals/Business entities within the U.S.A.