Curricular and Academic Advising

AW5Y0753 Curricular and Academic Advising

Curricular and Academic Advising

Speak to your advisor to identify and schedule the right courses, fulfill your core requirements, and graduate on time. We can also connect you to experiential learning opportunities, and help you choose the best major, minor, or certificate program to meet your goals.

Curricular and Advising Team

Brendan Hill

Brendan Hill

Senior Associate Dean for Students
Julien Moutte

Julien Moutte

Assistant Dean for Curricular and Academic Advising

Morgan Fisher

Assistant Dean for Curricular and Academic Advising
Christine Schiwietz

Christine Schiwietz

Assistant Dean for Curricular and Academic Advising

How to Make an Advising Appointment

Make appointments with your assigned academic advisor, or view your advisor’s walk-in advising times, via their Google calendars. Before you book, log into your Georgetown email account, navigate to your Georgetown Google calendar, then select Doha as your time zone within Google calendar settings. 

  • Dean Julien Moutte: view walk-in advising hours by logging into your Georgetown Google calendar and adding Dean Moutte’s name to the add coworker’s calendar field. (Office 1D16).
  • Dean Morgan Fisher: view walk-in hours by logging into your Georgetown Google calendar and adding Dean Fisher’s name to the add coworker’s calendar field. (Office 1D15)
  • Dean Christine Schiwietz: make an appointment by clicking an available appointment slot on the calendar.  (Office 1D14)

Course Schedule

View your course schedules on MyAccess. For help, follow the steps to view the GU-Q schedule of classes.

Academic Calendar

View the term dates, exam and mid-term dates, add/drop deadline, and holidays.

Experiential Learning

Learn about hands-on learning such as Study Abroad,  special courses, internships, and volunteering.

Core Curriculum

You must complete a liberal arts curriculum before declaring your major. Click the link below to learn more.


View the requirements for the majors by clicking the relevant major below, or learn about Honors in the Majors here. Make an appointment with your Advisor for help with choosing, declaring, or staying on track with your major.


Available minors include Africana Studies, Arabic, and Indian Ocean World Studies, as well as minors available to SFS students on the Washington, DC campus.

To declare the minor, review the requirements, ensure that you can complete the requirements for the minor in time for graduation, then complete the Minor Declaration Form. The Arabic minor has a separate Arabic Minor Declaration Form

Certificate Programs

Click the links below for certificate requirements.

Five Year Master’s Degree

The School of Foreign Service and the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences sponsor several accelerated bachelor’s/ master’s programs for third year, qualified students who plan to continue their education in international affairs at the graduate level and desire to complete the two degrees in approximately five years. To see which Master’s Degrees are offered and view requirements, click below. Meet with your advisor to enroll.