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Career Services establishes and maintains valuable working relationships with employers.   We welcome opportunities to promote your organization through employer presentations, the annual Career Fair, advertising and developing internships, and advertising vacancies to graduates.

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To Advertise a Vacancy (Internship/Job)

To advertise non-credit internships, jobs for students or graduates, or any other opportunities, please complete the Vacancy Form and email it to Career Services

    For-Credit Internships

    • One full academic semester (Fall or Spring), 13-15 hours per week, and provides the student with one academic credit
    • Work needs to be substantive and connected to the international affairs curriculum at Georgetown
    • Must have mentor/supervisor on site
    • Open to any enrolled Georgetown student who meets the academic criteria set for the internship-currently limited to juniors and seniors, any major, with GPAs above 3.0
    • Usually limited to 1-2 places each semester per organization

    To establish an academic internship, please contact Dean Christine Schiwietz

    Non-Credit Internships

    Career Services will advertise internship spots that you have available throughout the year as students look for opportunities during the Fall, Spring, and Summer.   We will advertise, screen, and forward candidates to you. Non-credit internships must meet the following:

    • Time-limited duration (e.g. March-May, June-July, Sept-Dec)
    • No more than 20 hours per week  (flexible around the students' academic schedules)
    • General supervision provided on-site by the employer
    • Provide meaningful work that relates to the organization's mission
    • Optional stipend (to cover transportation)
    • Vacancy Form


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