Employers: Hiring, Management & End of Work Procedures

Hiring Procedure

Please follow the following procedure to hire a student employee

  1. Get Departmental approvals for Vacancy: Hiring managers must ensure that all departmental approvals have been met before submitting a vacancy to the Student Employment Office
  2. Determine Wage Level: Determine the wage level for the position, either Level 1 (entry-level or semi-skilled) or Level 2 (skilled).
  3. Describe Position: Forward a completed Position Description Form to the Student Employment Office at guqse@georgetown.edu for advertising.  
  4. Advertise Position: All positions must be advertised, and all candidates must be given equal consideration. Earmarking positions for specific students is not permitted. If targeting students in specific years, please include a rationale for this on the Position Description Form under “Requirements” section. The Student Employment Office will advertise job openings via the student list serve. 
  5. Collect Applications: Students submit resumes and other required documents to the Student Employment Office at guqse@georgetown.edu. The Student Employment Office will collect all requested documents and forward these to the hiring manager immediately following the application deadline.  
  6. Conduct Interviews: The hiring manager conducts interviews and offers
  7. Make Decision: Offer position to the successful student(s) and notify unsuccessful applicants that a decision has been made. If requested, the hiring manager may provide feedback to unsuccessful candidates so that they can improve their application and interviewing skills in the future.
  8. Finalize Pay: Determine the adjusted hourly wage. (If rehiring, add 5 QR to the base wage for every two semesters worked in the same department, not including summers. Partial semesters count as full semesters.)  
  9. Submit Hiring Forms: Student employee (new hires and rehires) and hiring manager complete their respective on-line hiring forms.
  10. Financial Documents: Students submit the required financial documents, including tax forms, bank deposit form, and passport copy, by digitally completing and signing the forms and emailing it to Student.nsgtsslsfkfhyg4x@u.box.com.  The file must be titled as “Last Name_First Name Form Name”
  11. Confidentiality and Code of Conduct Forms: Students submit confidentiality form and employer downloads, modifies, and shares with student the Code of Conduct form. Departments are responsible for maintaining these documents.

Student Employment Guidelines

  • Students may work no more than 20 hours per week during the Academic Year, no more than 40 hours per week during the summer or spring breaks, and no more than 30 hours per week during Ramadan.
  • Hiring departments must permit flexibility in the scheduling of student workers with respect to tests, papers, or other class requirements.
  • GU-Q students must be given priority, but if no suitable student can be found, the hiring manager may ask the SEO to advertise within Education City.
  • All students are paid through GMS, whether or not they are US citizens.


Students can be evaluated at the end of each semester, and/or at the end of the work term and should be done with the student. Sharing results will help them understand their strengths and needed areas of improvement.

End of Work Procedures

When a student stops working for you or your department, fill out the online form below. Please note that all student employees are automatically terminated in the system at the end of the spring semester and at the end of the summer term. Departments wishing to keep the same student workers for the fall term must submit new hiring forms and student paperwork.

Reasons for ending student work arrangements include:

  • The natural end of the work term
  • Involuntary termination
  • Resignation