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GU-Q Careers offers a wide range of services to help organizations reach both our current students and recent alumni.

Bring a World of Talent to Your Workplace

Georgetown University in Qatar produces talented bi-lingual graduates with a global mindset, service orientation, and a strong understanding of how public, private, and non-profit organizations function. Leading institutions from Qatar, the Gulf region, and across the world actively recruit our graduates to join their teams in various roles and capacities.

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Employer Programs and Events

Connecting students and graduates with industry professionals and employers through a comprehensive set of events. We look for employers where our students and graduates can be potential team members and contribute to their organizations.

Employer Information Sessions

Our most popular form of employer events. Info sessions are a conversation between employers and students in a formal lecture/ presentation style, usually followed by Q&A. They allows students to know more about an organization while allowing HR teams to scoop out the right talent for their organization’s needs.

Employer-led Skill Sessions

Skill sessions invite industry experts to share their knowledge with Georgetown students, helping to guide and nurture students interest in certain job roles and career pathways. These employer-led sessions could be about developing specialized skills or general career skills such as case interview training, job interviews, or writing resumes.

On-campus interviews

Employers are invited to spend a day on campus with prescheduled interviews with students. These could be a great way to identify potential candidates.

On-campus Employer Booths

Bring some giveaways or a bag of donuts and come meet our students in their natural habitat. We host employers all around the academic year to be present in our beloved atrium and drive a conversation directly with students.

Career Networking Evenings

Networking evenings are structured to allow employers to get to know our students through an informal conversation, and build powerful connections.

Host an Event With Us

Interested in hosting an employer event? Reach out to the Career Services Office guqcareers@georgetown.edu

Georgetown Graduates in the Workplace

Why hire Georgetown graduates?

Established in 2005, Georgetown University in Qatar (GU-Q) has a diverse student population representing more than 50 different nationalities from five continents. GU-Q graduates join a worldwide network of more than 160,000 Hoyas, with nearly 500 residing in the GCC.

Our students develop skills in critical thinking, analytical writing, public speaking, language proficiency, understanding cultural contexts, interpreting data, evaluating evidence and results, and reading critically.  All students have a solid foundation in economics, finance, international relations, and world politics.  All are proficient in at least two languages, and complete a major in International Economics, International History, Culture, and Politics, or International Politics.

Georgetown’s Career Services team works closely with employers to develop programs for you to access our student talent and build your employer brand awareness on our campus.

To advertise non-credit internships, jobs for students or graduates, or any other opportunities, please complete the Vacancy Form and email it to Career Services.

For-Credit Internships

Our academic for-credit internships offer students the opportunity to combine classroom instruction with real life work experience at a partner organization. Learn more about our for credit internships.

For-credit internship requirements:

  • One full academic semester (Fall or Spring), 13-15 hours per week, and provides the student with one academic credit
  • Work needs to be substantive and connected to the international affairs curriculum at Georgetown
  • Must have mentor/supervisor on site
  • Open to any enrolled Georgetown student who meets the academic criteria set for the internship-currently limited to juniors and seniors, any major, with GPAs above 3.0
  • Usually limited to 1-2 places each semester per organization

To establish an academic internship, please contact the Career Services Office

Non-Credit Internships

Career Services will advertise internship spots that you have available throughout the year as students look for opportunities during the Fall, Spring, and Summer. We will advertise, screen, and forward candidates to you.

Non-credit internship requirements:

  • Time-limited duration (e.g. March-May, June-July, Sept-Dec)
  • No more than 20 hours per week  (flexible around the students’ academic schedules)
  • General supervision provided on-site by the employer
  • Provide meaningful work that relates to the organization’s mission
  • Optional stipend (to cover transportation)

Contact the GU-Q Career Services Office