Student Volunteer Guidelines

  •   Student volunteers perform tasks or services for SFSQ or for the wider community under the auspices of SFSQ without paid compensation or course credit. This distinguishes student volunteers from student workers, who are paid to work in the various units of SFSQ. It also distinguishes them from students who perform service to the community as part of a credit-bearing course.
  • Voluntary service must be intended to contribute to the educational, social or moral development of the student and must not be intended solely to fill deficiencies in a unit’s staffing.
  • Students cannot be compelled to work voluntarily, so reliance on volunteerism to complete necessary tasks is not advised. Projects solely of a routine or clerical nature should be performed by paid student workers to ensure their effective completion.
  • Certain projects require both paid student workers and volunteers (e.g. Model United Nations) in which paid student workers have helped staff coordinate the service of volunteer workers. In such instances, paid student workers may be selected, in part, on the basis of past voluntary service to the project.
  • Students must not be excused from class to engage in SFSQ sanctioned voluntary activities without the approval of the Associate Dean of Academic Affairs.
    Student Employment is not involved in the recruiting of student volunteers and leaves it to hiring departments to ensure that appropriate approvals, standards and practices are met.