An Analysis of Global Public Private Partnerships: How Can Qatar Benefit from Them?

Public – Private Partnership (PPP) is a conceptual agreement between public and private sector entities to provide a service or a facility. Through the partnership, the entities pool together their skills, assets, and expertise, but also share the risks and rewards. PPPs have been used globally across several industries and for a variety of objectives. These partnerships often enable the transfer of skills and knowledge from the private sector to the public sector, offer a more appropriate means to finance the project which can be more cost effective, offer a profit-motive that translates into a more efficient operating model, while allowing the private sector to participate in large infrastructure projects commissioned by the government.

We propose to research and analyze the main structures of PPP projects completed across the World, benchmark these against each other to understand the critical success factors and present recommendations on which PPP structures would best complement Qatar’s business environment.

UREP cycle: 8

Faculty Mentor(s): Dr. Alexis Antoniades

Student(s): Jumana Al-Aref, Mohamed Al-Thani

Funding: $20,000

The Undergraduate Research Experience Program (UREP)