Qatar’s establishment of infant industries in response to the blockade

On June 5 2017, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, United Arab Emirates and Bahrain launched a provocative, unjustified, and surprising blockade against the State of Qatar. As a result of the blockade, all land transportation and substantial sea transportation were affected. Because the country imports most of its goods from abroad, and because most of these imported goods enter the country through the Saudi border, the blockade disrupted supply chains and food availability. The immediate response of the State of Qatar was to establish new channels by which goods were able to enter the country. It also gave incentives for the fast establishment of industries in Qatar, with emphasis on food, beverages, dairy, medicine, and construction material. In this project, we study the establishment of such infant industries in the country as a response to the blockade and discuss how the State can protect them from competition until they are able to mature and compete.

UREP cycle: 22

Faculty Mentor(s): Dr. Alexis Antoniades

Student(s): Rafia Al-Jassim


Qatar’s economy. Creation of a database that can be used by any scholar, in the country and abroad.

Public presentation at GU-Q and also at QNL

Funding: $5,000

The Undergraduate Research Experience Program (UREP)