Jidariya: Every Day is National Day in Qatar

This research project examines some of the most important subjects in visual anthropology, a field that devotes itself to examination of the nuances of cultural and social phenomena, through the deployment of documentary films and photography to convey important messages about the “vernacular of everyday life” in societies experiencing fundamental transformation. Moreover, it opens greater horizons for grasping the multiple ways through which representational discourses are produced. It examines the ways in which Qatar’s Tamim Al-Majd Jidariya (billboard) serves to solidify the idea of the nation. Since the 2017 blockade against Qatar, every day has become a national day in the country as inscribed in Tamim Al-Majd billboards, ubiquitous car stickers, and messages posted throughout in solidarity and support. Here, the students will research the visual, linguistic and anthropological significance of the billboard through systematic research. This project is a first of its kind in researching an ongoing current affair relating to Qatar state and society.

UREP cycle: 22

Faculty Mentor(s): Dr. Rogaia Absuharaf, Dr. Yehia Mohamed, Dr. Suzi Mirgani

Student(s): Mohammed Al-Jaberi, Saoud Al-Ahmad, Ousman Camara, Mohammed Al-Khulaifi


First documentary film by undergraduate exploring the symbolic significance of the Billboard

The link to the documentary can be found here: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1guh351DXW7oR4SrhlArv6j1XeHp053Dc

Funding: $19,998

The Undergraduate Research Experience Program (UREP)