Doha by Design: Urban Planning and social space in Doha, Qatar

Qatar has a vested interest in planning, and Doha is one of the fastest growing cities in the world. Qatar’s National Vision looks at urban development through the year 2030. Additionally, the government of Qatar’s Urban Planning and Development Authority is tasked with achieving the highest possible rate of urban development. As such, the concept of urban design and how this design fosters social interaction is a relevant and important subject. As Doha is a vibrant and growing community of locals and expatriates, it is important to address the concept of urban space and design. This research is important and relevant to city planning, and enriches the research culture in Qatar

UREP cycle: 14

Faculty Mentor(s): Dr. Patricia O’Connor  Dr. Mark Farha

Student(s): Sana Jamal , Nadia Al-Khater, Khadija Mahsud, Catherine Lechicki

Funding: $39,920

The Undergraduate Research Experience Program (UREP)