The Doha Paradox: Reasons for Disparity Between Educated and Working Qatari Women

Qatar is regarded as one of the best places for women to get an education. One would assume that due to the large amount of Qatari women entering a tertiary education in Qatar and the larger ratio of Qatari women to men enrolled in Qatar University and Education City that a larger amount of women would compile the workforce. However, this is not the case, despite the government’s best efforts. This research project will help identify and analyze some of the reasons why there is a disparity between the number of Qatari women pursuing a tertiary education in Education City and Qatar University in Qatar and the number of Qatari women in the Qatari labor force by using online databases, books, articles and journals and survey results.

UREP cycle: 16

Faculty Mentor(s): Prof. Amira Sonbol

Student(s): Tehreem Asghar, Rumsha Shahzad, Mariam Bengali


Attend the 3rd Annual Symposium for Undergraduate Research at Georgetown (SURG 2015) and to present UREP research paper.

Funding: $27,868

The Undergraduate Research Experience Program (UREP)