Hiring Procedures

Hiring managers must ensure that all departmental approvals have been met before submitting a vacancy to the Student Employment Office

  1. The hiring manager sends a completed Position Description Form to the Student Employment Office for advertising. Guidelines for determining hourly pay rate can be found here.
  2. The SEO announces job openings via the student list-serve. Students submit resumes and other required documents to the SEO. The SEO will collect all documents and forward to the hiring manager immediately following the application deadline.
  3. The hiring manager conducts interviews and offers position to the successful student(s).
  4. The hiring manager notifies unsuccessful applicants that a decision has been made. If requested, the hiring manager may provide feedback to unsuccessful candidates so that they might improve their application and interviewing skills in the future.
  5. The new student employee and the hiring manager complete their respective on-line hiring forms.
  6. The student submits the required financial documents, including tax form, bank deposit form, and passport copy, directly to the Payroll Officer in Human Resources, Eunice Dickerson.
  7. Once the hiring manager receives email confirmation from the Payroll Office that the student has been hired on GMS, the student may begin working. Students must not begin working until the hiring manager receives a confirmation email from the Payroll Office.
  8. The hiring manager conducts an orientation session with new employees where expectations, departmental policies, and evaluation procedures are covered. Have students sign the Confidentiality and Professional Code of Conduct Forms.
  9. Hiring managers submit signed weekly Time Sheets to the Payroll Office by noon on Thursdays.
  10. Hiring managers complete Student Employee Evaluations at the end of each work term, or upon termination. Hiring managers should review evaluations with students prior to submitting the final evaluation to the SEO.

Please note:

  • Students may work no more than 20 hours per week during the Academic Year, no more than 40 hours per week during the summer or spring breaks, and no more than 30 hours per week during Ramadan.
  • Hiring departments must permit flexibility in the scheduling of student workers with respect to tests, papers, or other class requirements.
  • GUQ students must be given priority, but if no suitable student can be found, the hiring manager may ask the SEO to advertise within Education City.
  • All students are paid through GMS, whether or not they are US citizens.
  • For additional information, please refer to the Student Employment Handbook.