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Georgetown strives to provide a holistic and integrative approach to student physical, mental, and spiritual health, and to create and maintain a healthy and caring community. The university encourages and advocates for a student body that represents over 40 countries to access culturally and contextually appropriate ways to promote their quality of life and well being. 

To do this, the Student Wellness and Counseling Center has brought Georgetown’s foundational Jesuit value of “community in diversity” to the forefront of student services, integrating diversity, mutual respect, and inclusiveness within and across the entire campus community. With “Cura Personalis”, which is Latin for ‘caring for the whole person’, at the heart of this initiative, a range of programs, events, curriculum, projects,and policies shape and impact the experience of students, faculty, and staff at Georgetown. 

A diversity campaign to drive this idea home was launched with the introduction of The Humanity Tree, a visual representation of Georgetown’s entire diversity philosophy which can be found on the school’s library website, and where all related resources will be placed relevant to each tree component. The diagram is rooted in our diversity, so the roots of the tree represents different backgrounds, such as culture, nationality,and language. And the branches represent the different aspects of mind, body, spirit and aspiration. A “diversity task force” was also created to insure school-wide involvement, including faculty and staff. 

These holistic, grass root efforts that empower students, as well as connect to faculty and staff, are part of an organized approach that will allow our university’s core values to create a sustainable community, and will go a long way toward meeting the challenges of our shared world