Off Campus Medical Care


Public Health Care

The State of Qatar provides national health coverage for all residents of Qatar, by issuing a health card.
GU-Q helps international students to obtain and renew their health card. Qatari citizens and residents obtain and renew their own health card.

Public Health Care

National Health and Mental Health Hotline: 16000
Hamad General Hospital: 4439-4444
Hamad Emergency Department: 4439-2222
Hamad Women’s Hospital: 4439-6666
Hamad Mental Health Services: 4439-5777
The Cuban Hospital: 4024-7777
Al-Khor Hospital: 4474-5555
Al-Wakra Hospital: 4011-4444
All Primary Health Care Centers: 107
Gharrafat Al Rayyan Primary Health Care: 107 or 4406-9917
Al Rayyan Primary Health Center: 107 or 4406-9917

Private Health Care

Private hospitals that provide outpatient and inpatient care are also available in Doha.
Students are responsible for making their own appointments and may use supplementary private insurance to assist with the charges.

Major Private Clinics and Hospitals

Al Ahli Hospital: 4489-8888
Al Emadi Hospital: 4466-6009
American Hospital: 4442-1999
Aspetar Sport Hospital: 4413-2000
Doha Clinic Hospital: 4438-4333
Sidra Hospital: 4003-3333
Turkish Hospital: 4499-2444
The View Hospital: 8000-777 or 4144-2999
Alfardan Medical with Northwestern Medicine4004-6000

For a list of Licensed Practitioners in the State of Qatar visit the Ministry of Public Health.

Frequently Asked Questions

Hamad Medical Corporation (HMC) is the non-profit health care provider and Primary Health Care Centers (PHCC) are non-profit national primary health care facilities in Qatar. Accessing HMC and PHCC services require Hamad Health Card. Supreme Council of Health in Qatar posts the location and visiting hours of Primary Health Care Centers. For making appointment in HMC facilities or any Primary Health Care Center, call 107.

The Hamad Medical Corporation manages numerous hospitals, both specialized and general community, which provide outpatient and inpatient specialized care.  Visit the Hamad Medical Corporation to learn more about the various hospitals and services offered, as well as find their contact information.

Please check with the health care facility and your health insurance to find if the requested services are covered by your insurance plan and if there is direct billing arrangement between your insurance and the facility.  For more information about GU-Q student health insurance, see Student Health Insurance.

Campus Medical Care