Student Medical Care

Please click on the links below for access to more information on medical resources for students.

Emergency Numbers

Georgetown Building: 4457 8458 Send an email

Education City Emergency (on-campus): 4454 0999

Doha Emergency (off-campus): 999

Student Wellness & Counseling Center on-call: 5503 9044

How to Find Us

SWCC Office

Phone: 4457-8330

Fax: 4457-8331

Georgetown Building: First Floor, Rooms 1G09-1G19

OnCampus Health Care

Qatar Foundation Primary Healthcare Center: 4454-1240, 4454-1244

Public Health Care

The State of Qatar provides national health coverage for all citizens and residents of Qatar, which they can access with a National Health Card. GU-Q assists international students in obtaining and/or renewing their National Health (Hamad) Card. You are responsible for providing a copy of your card upon your admission to the university. We recommend that all enrolled students obtain and carry their Qatar National Health Card at all times.

Private Health Care

There are also private clinics, polyclinics, medical centers, and hospitals in Doha that provide outpatient and inpatient care. Many of these clinics require you to make an appointment, but some accept walk-ins.  You may be able to use your supplementary private health insurance to assist with charges.

Major Hospital Contacts in Doha

Hamad Medical Corporation: 4439-2222

Al Ahli Hospital: 4489-8888

American Hospital: 4442-1999

Aspetar Sport Hospital: 4413-2000

Doha Clinic Hospital: 4438-4333

Al Emadi Hospital: 4466-6009

Sidra Hospital: 4003 3333

For a list of practitioners in Qatar, please visit the Ministry of Public Health (MoPH).