Emergency & Urgent Care

Emergency Numbers 

Education City Emergency (on-campus): 4454-0999 
Doha Emergency (off-campus): 999 
Qatar National Health and Mental Health Hotline: 16000
Qatar Foundation Primary HealthCare Center: 4454-1240/4
Student Wellness & Counseling Center urgent on-call: 5503-9044

An emergency is an injury or illness or situation that is life threatening.

An urgency is a an acute injury or acute illness or situation that needs immediate professional assistance.

1. Call the person’s name to get her/his attention
2. If the person is unconscious or does not respond to you immediately call the emergency: 999
3. If the person is conscious ask permission to help
4. Get help from another person
5. Assign others to call  emergency services or get more help
6. Ask standby observers to step back and leave space for the person to receive care

If you have an emergency while on Education City Campus call Qatar Foundation Emergency at 4454-0999. If you are unable to reach this number or you are off campus, call 999, or go to the nearest emergency room.

During business hours you may contact Qatar Foundation Primary HealthCare Center at 4454-1240, 4454-1244 for medical advice. If you are unable to reach these numbers or you are off campus go to the nearest emergency room or call 999.