Women's Center

Created in 2010 during the 20th anniversary of Georgetown University's Women's Center (GUWC), we strive to extend the mission of GUWC in supporting, educating, and empowering women of all cultures, races, identities, spirituality, and ages. We celebrate women's achievements and advocate for a climate that promotes social justice, free of all barriers and discrimination.

Women's Center in Georgetown University School of Foreign Services in Qatar (GU-Q Women's Center) provides information to, facilitates discussions among, and hosts activities for SFS-Q students. The focus of GU-Q Women's Center is to address matters of particular concern to women, such as exploring the connections among gender, race, economic status, culture, ability, religion, nationality, political views, and other significant elements in relation to women's individuality and collective identity. The Women’s Center fosters inclusion in the community and welcomes men as allies.


Women’s Center Programs


Periodically throughout the year we will host discussions, sometimes open to all and other times only for women.  Topics for discussion include current events related to women’s issues or just general concerns related to gender that either affect our lives right now or that might affect us in the future. 

Tea Time

The SFS-Q student body is majority female; however, the women who can serve as role models and mentors (e.g., faculty, deans, other professionals) are in the minority, both within SFS-Q as well as in the community. This is an opportunity for female students to hear from professional women about the path they have taken to be where they are. They will share their challenges, who they look to for inspiration and mentorship, and how they find balance between their work and their life. Take the opportunity to hear these stories and find a woman who might help guide you on your journey through life.

Women's Center Movie Series

Throughout the academic year, movies are presented that focus on a theme of women’s issues. This can be both an educational and provocative way to talk about issues that affect women throughout the world. Come learn more about various women’s issues while enjoying a movie with some friends. 


Special Educational Programs

These programs happen throughout the year. They might be an individual activity or event  or a series of events and activities all centered on woman-related or gender-related topics.  Some of these special programs will be collaborations with the various units within SFS-Q as well as the student clubs, organizations, and sports team.


Reading Circle Book Club

During the year, based upon input from students, a book will be chosen that addresses women's issues (for example, friendships, domestic violence, gender equality, political oppression).  The members of the group come together to discuss the topics that surface, both in general as well as in context of their own lives.


Women and Career Support Group

In collaboration with Career Services, this support group allows women to discuss the challenges they face in achieving their professional goals, and they can gain support and guidance from the other members.



The SFS-Q Women’s Center is on Facebook as “GU-Q Women’s Center.” Not only will you be kept up-to-date on activities and events we are planning, but you will also be linked to current information and news articles related to women’s rights, women’s health, and other women’s issues. We know you’re logging on right now, so find us and “like” us – we already like you.


Georgetown Women's Alliance

The Georgetown Women's Alliance brings together women and groups who share a commitment to fostering an environment in which women in our community learn, grow and thrive.  Check out their website to find out more and join!