Documentation for Academic Accomodation

In order to receive an academic accommodation based on a diagnosed disability, the student should submit documentation to the Student Wellness and Counseling Center (SWCC). The documentation must be on letterhead, typed, dated, and signed. This documentation should be current (within the past year), comprehensive, and include the following:

  • Student’s name
  • Date of evaluation and/or last contact
  • A specific diagnosis, including level of severity
  • The specific findings in support of this diagnosis including relevant history, observations of the individual, tests administered, test results, and the evaluator’s interpretation of those test results
  • For a diagnosis of Learning Disability, ADD or ADHD, a neuropsychological examination or psycho-educational evaluation
  • A description of the student’s functional limitations as they are directly related to the stated disabilities and necessitate any accommodations
  • The evaluator’s name, address, telephone number, and professional credential relevant to the diagnosis (e.g., M.D., Ph.D., LSSP)

SWCC and OAS will coordinate services to meet the learning needs of students with diagnosed disabilities.