Student Employment Opportunities in OAS

The OAS team lives the Georgetown value of “Women and Men for Others” through our work every day. From our professional staff to our peer tutors and undergraduate teaching assistants, our purpose is to help fellow Hoyas achieve their goals. Students who are strong in economics, languages, or writing and who enjoy collaborating with their peers are encouraged to seek out a student position on our team.

The crux of tutoring at Georgetown University Qatar is to develop students as autonomous learners. Our peer tutors are selected not only based on achievement in their coursework, but also on their ability to connect with their peers to advance their understanding of a skill or concept in a collaborative manner. Tutors hold office hours each week and meet with students either one-on-one or in small groups when appropriate. In addition, tutors may work on projects or other initiatives depending on their specialty. For example, economics tutors may also hold review sessions prior to exams or workshops on various topics throughout the semester. Writing tutors may create helpful guides or resources for students. Language tutors may hold conversation hours where students practice dialogue or collaborate with faculty for special events.

In addition to serving others, being a peer tutor helps students sharpen their own understanding of subject areas, equips them with interpersonal and communication skills, provides the opportunity to lead and develop resources and activities, and offers substantive professional experience.

Students who excel in economics coursework and have demonstrated strong leadership skills as a peer tutor are eligible to become an undergraduate teaching assistant (UTA). UTAs work closely with professors and OAS staff to develop an advanced understanding of concepts and to develop teaching skills. In addition to holding tutoring office hours, UTAs attend lectures, conduct weekly recitations, and grade problem sets, all under the close supervision of a faculty member. The following courses are supported by the UTAs:

  • Principles of Microeconomics (ECON 001)
  • Principles of Macroeconomics (ECON 002)
  • International Trade (ECON 243)
  • International Finance (ECON 244)
  • Calculus I (MATH 100)

GUQ OAS has developed a robust training and development program for peer tutors and UTAs. Tutors and UTAs participate in a series of workshops on the fundamentals of tutoring and academic leadership. The program requires tutors and UTAs to participate in 

  • group activities
  • self-reflection
  • coaching
  • team building
  • elements of personal leadership development.

In addition, tutors 

  • receive training specific to their academic discipline from faculty and staff
  • shadow an experienced tutor
  • are observed and provided with feedback
  • receive evaluations each semester. 

UTA training includes advanced pedagogical elements, incorporating instructional technology, and robust feedback mechanisms.

Peer tutors and undergraduate teaching assistants are hired for a full academic year. Positions are announced in March through the Student Employment Program along with application requirements. Applicants are asked to submit

  • a resume
  • cover letter
  • a writing sample (for writing tutor applicants), and
  • list a professor as a reference.

After review of applications, select students will be interviewed and tutors will be chosen by OAS with input from faculty.

GUQ students are eligible to apply through the Student Employment Program. Watch for the email from the Student Employment office which lists OAS job announcements; application instructions are at the end of each posting. OAS typically seeks applications in March for the next academic year.