Economics Support

With four economics courses in the core curriculum, all GU-Q students will encounter the dynamic economics support team in the Office of Academic Services. The core economics courses develop students’ understanding of the economics forces that, combined with political, cultural, historical and geographical factors, contribute to the state of world affairs. Students who pursue the International Economics (IECO) major will continue to interact with the economics support staff as they complete rigorous training in economic analysis and quantitative methods. No matter which major you pursue, our team of professional Teaching Assistants, Undergraduate Teaching Assistants, and Peer Tutors are accessible for students in all courses in and outside of the classroom.

Video Tutorials

When you need a refresher outside of office hours, we have created this online suite of tutorials and videos based on key concepts in a specific course.  Click on the subject to watch and listen to the video.  Content will be added on a continuous basis.

Principles of Microeconomics

International Trade