Tutoring is a free service offered to all GU-Q students in the areas of writing, French, Arabic, economics, Map of the Modern World, and study skills. Tutoring sessions are a safe and comfortable environment to work on assignments and go over concepts. Students can choose to work with a professional staff member with expertise in economics and writing, or with a peer tutor – another student who has met rigorous selection criteria and been professionally trained. Peer tutors are available in economics, writing, French, Arabic, and Map of the Modern World.

Who Should See A Tutor

OAS tutoring services are available to all students. Whether you are acing every assignment or struggling with a concept, everyone has room for improvement and our tutors are here to help you excel. You might have understood an economics concept in class but get stumped by an equation in a problem set. You might have earned an A on your last philosophy paper, but find yourself with too many research ideas for your history paper. Talking through your assignment, research, and ideas with a tutor can save you time and help you craft a clear and effective thesis and seeing a tutor is a great way to build your confidence going into an exam.

How To Prepare For A Tutoring Session

  • Review your course syllabi and add the due dates for papers, assignments, and exams to a planning tool such as academic planner or a calendar.
  • Schedule an appointment with OAS in advance of your due dates. Just knowing that you have an appointment will help you finish on time, but it also allows you time for revisions.
  • Prior to your appointment, identify a particular question or issue you’d like to work on in a session.
  • Bring your materials: the assignment itself, your work so far, notes, teacher comments, etc. The more you bring, the more we can help.

What To Expect During A Tutoring Session

Your tutor will begin your appointment by asking what you want to the focus of the session to be. If you don’t know what that is yet, that’s okay, your tutor can help you focus on the most important topics. Be prepared to participate actively: to think, write, and talk about your work, even if you haven’t begun your assignment. Since our aim is to make you a stronger student (no matter how strong you already are), our tutors will help you discover new strategies for your current and future academic work.

Tutoring is collaborative and interactive. Writing tutors will make suggestions, but will not edit your paper. Economics tutors will help you work through problems, but will not complete them for you or show you the steps without your participation. The tutor is there to meet your needs and answer your questions. We want you to leave feeling like it’s been a good use of your time.

How To Make An Appointment

We recommend making an appointment to work with a member of the OAS team, including the Writing Center.