Language Support

All GU-Q students must be proficient in a language other than English by graduation in order to complete the BSFS degree requirements. GU-Q offers Arabic and French courses for both heritage and non-heritage learners who are either not already proficient in a foreign language or would like to become proficient in another one. To support students in their pursuit of learning a foreign language, the Office of Academic Services offers free tutoring in Arabic and French to all GU-Q students. 

Why should you make an appointment?

  • You’re struggling with an Arabic or French assignment
  • You’re a heritage learner but still have weaknesses in some areas
  • You’re a non-heritage learner and you feel overwhelmed
  • You would like to practice with a fluent speaker ahead of your upcoming proficiency exam
  • You’re interested in practicing in general

Make an appointment with one of our peer tutors if you would like to improve your Arabic and French reading, writing, and speaking skills.

For more information about foreign language proficiency requirements, please click here.