Student Development

Mission Statement

The Office of Student Development (OSD) creates the context for a student-centered learning community that fosters educational and personal development. OSD is a combination of Admissions, Careers, Student Life and the Student Wellness and Counseling Center. The Office of Student Development seeks to create a community where students are engaged and supported.

Community Building and Co-Curricular Activities

Working in close collaboration with our faculty and staff colleagues, Student Development strives to create a vibrant campus community, providing programs and services to support students and enrich their learning experiences at Georgetown.

Learning is enriched by the students’ living environments and their engagement in a wide range of co-curricular pursuits.  These activities can range from community service to athletics and student government to the performing arts. These activities should be driven by student interest and initiative, with Student Development staff providing a context conducive to their growth – from advising to oversight to logistical support. Some of the Office of Student Development initiatives include:

Student Support and Development

Student Development also provides an array of services to support students – to assure their health and wellness, assist with their career development, and meet a variety of personal and academic needs.

Student Code of Conduct

The Code of Conduct supports Georgetown University’s Catholic and Jesuit educational mission by enforcing regulations designed to promote an environment in which students can develop intellectually, morally, spiritually, and socially while exercising a balance of partnership and autonomy within the campus community. The mission of the Office of Student Development as it relates to conduct is to promote concepts of fairness and due process in judicial settings while striking a balance between community standards and individual behavior through the educational development of its students.