Clubs and Organizations

Inspired by the Jesuit value of educating the whole person, Georgetown offers dynamic student programs that foster leadership development, complement the classroom experience and build community. If you are interested in joining some of the following clubs or would like to start one yourself, click here to send us an email.

Club Descriptions

Athletic Clubs and Teams

Georgetown Cricket Club Logo

Cricket Club

The bonds of comradery and teamwork in the cricket club are famous at Georgetown. If you’re a team player, this is the club for you.

Hoya Spikers logo

Hoya Spikers

One of the most active clubs on campus, join the club to take part in friendly volleyball games and tournaments!

Table Tennis Club Logo

Table Tennis Club

Think you can swing a racket? Test your mettle by joining the table tennis club and participate in our tournaments.

Georgetown University Qatar Logo

Women’s Football Team

Focus on physical fitness and team spirit through playing matches in the local football league.

Georgetown University Qatar Logo

Track and Field Club

Long-distance or short-distance, this club does it all! Join the track and field club and hone your running skills to the max!

Cultural Clubs

South Asian Society Logo

South Asian Society

Are you South Asian or want to know more about South Asian cultures and languages?  Join the club to  build connections while discussing a variety of political, social and cultural topics.

Muslim Students Association logo

Muslim Students Association

A safe space for religious discourse, and an opportunity for religious learning, regardless of religious standing. 

Music Arts & Culture Club Logo

Music, Arts & Culture Club

Embark on a journey of artistic and cultural discoveries– trips to the souq, museums or the Qatar Philharmonic Orchestra – the possibilities are endless!

Georgetown University Qatar Logo

Al Hilal Club

Whatever your faith and background, all are welcome to join Al Hilal’s discussions around pluralistic understandings and awareness of Islam.

Georgetown University Qatar Logo

Al Liwan – Qatar Student Association

Engage with the local language, culture and social heritage of Qatar through creative mediums.

Georgetown University Qatar Logo

Latin American and Caribbean Society

Expand your knowledge about the political, social and cultural aspects of Latin America and the Caribbean.

Georgetown University Qatar Logo

African Students Association

Learn about the culture, politics, economy, and religion and celebrate the unique and diverse continent that is home for many GU-Q students.

Georgetown University Qatar Logo

Black Student Association

Celebrates Black culture and create an environment that is free of racial profiling. Learn about issues that black communities face worldwide.

Georgetown University Qatar Logo

Southeast and East Asian Club

A platform to celebrate the identity, history and culture of the Asia-Pacific region, and understand its global significance.

Central Asian Club

Enlighten the community and beyond about the cultural values, politics, histories, traditions, and future of Central Asian countries.

Iraqi Cultural Association

Iraqi Cultural Association

Bringing awareness and celebrating the Iraqi culture as an entity separate from the political climate of the country.

Social Justice and Volunteering

Students for Justice in Palestine

Students for Justice in Palestine

Get involved in supporting the Palestinian cause and Palestinians in their struggle for justice, self-determination, and liberation from the river to the sea.

Peace and Conflict Club

Peace and Conflict Club

The club aims at highlighting the effects of those conflicts over the demographics and the social structures of the regions affected by them.


Hoya Empowerment and Learning Program (HELP)

Volunteer to teach language and life skills to workers and service providers within the Georgetown community.

Human Rights Club Logo

Human Rights Club

For those with a strong sense of justice, the human rights club focuses on educating the community about Human Rights Issues and resolutions.

Sustainability Club

Sustainability Club

Create more awareness about the current environmental problems and sustainability and build environmental responsibility.

Women's Society Logo

Women’s Society

Explore gender-related issues through dialogue, workshops, and events.

Georgetown University Qatar Logo

Hoyas Beyond the Margins

Participate in dialogues about inclusivity, including inter-racial, international, inter-ethnic, gender, sexual orientation, ability/disability, income groups and debility.

Georgetown University Qatar Logo

Mental Health Society

Spread awareness and get rid of the taboo about talking about Mental health issues, such as depression, stress, and anxiety, especially among young people

Georgetown University Qatar Logo

Women’s Wellness Alliance

Uplift each other, mentally and physically and encourage a society that is more self-aware.

The Diversity Initiative Logo

The Diversity Initiative

Celebrate the diversity of cultures, philosophies, and experiences of the Hoya community in Qatar.

Special Interest Clubs

Georgetown University Qatar Logo

Georgetown Investment Association

Investing is an art. One that you can learn through workshops, training, and lectures organized by the GIA.

Georgetown Debating Union Logo

Georgetown Debating Union

If you love to argue, this is the club for you. Join to participate in debating competitions in Qatar and across the world.

Georgetown Business Society Logo

Georgetown Business Society

Want the necessary tools and skills to join the corporate world? GBS is the place for you!

Brainfood Logo


Join your favorite professor for dinner! Come interact with faculty and staff members outside the academic setting.

Georgetown University Qatar Logo

Arabic for All

This is a chance to work on your Arabic language skills and integrate into Qatari culture.

Performing Arts Club Logo

Performing Arts Club

Dance, sing or act your heart out! Dabkeh performances, Bollywood shows, or Theatre productions, the performing arts club wants to feature you!

Legal and Political Studies Association

Curious about the legal side of politics? The answers shall be revealed by the LPSA!

SFS Hoya Starfleet

SFS Hoya Starfleet

A platform where Hoyas can indulge their inner science geeks and have fun in the process.

Technology and Video Games Club

Technology and Video Games Club

If you are interested to learn how quantum computers work, how video games are designed, and how are people going to colonize space, then our club is the right place for you!

Society of Creative Arts

Join a community of supportive and non-judgmental writers at GU-Q

Photography Club

Display your photography skills and express yourselves through the lens of the camera!

Literature and Poetry Society

We provide a platform for people to express their opinions and ideas, and recognize the need for literature and poetry in our lives

Diplomacy and Political Simulation Club

Diplomacy and Political Simulation Club

We provide Hoyas and other Education City students the chance to engage in fun and memorable Diplomatic and Political Simulation Activities

Animal Welfare Society

Create lasting change on animal abuse and neglect through education, awareness campaigns, research, debates and panel discussions.

Arabic Debate Club

Come celebrate the Arabic language heritage through debate, and participate in events across EC.

The Free Society

Our vision is to embolden individuals with the values of freedom by creating a platform for open discussion and critical analysis of ideas, both contemporary and old


Enjoy the art of choreography and dance and be able to put up a performance for events.

Georgetown Gazette

Come join us and write for Georgetown’s own student magazine!