Meet the Desert Hoya Crew!

Hello there,

How are you doing?

I have missed you all so much. From having the FIFA World Cup happening in Qatar in a few days to having an early end to the semester, Fall 2022 has been quite the ride! I hope your semester went well wherever you are and that you are on track to ace your final exams!

Fun fact, this FIFA tournament will be the second World Cup I have been to, the first being the 2010 World Cup in South Africa. Being a football fan (please don’t call it soccer), I feel so fortunate to have attended two World Cups in my lifetime. I hope to travel the world and attend many more, Inshallah! For my desert hoya followers, you can expect a lot of cultural coverage, football posts and videos about my experience as an international student during this exciting time. 
Speaking of Desert Hoya, I have a big announcement to make. I am sure some of you have noticed the new faces we have had on our social media lately, and have been wondering who all those new people are. I am happy to announce that the Desert Hoya Crew has grown! This wonderful crew consists of a diverse group of students who, alongside me, will be sharing their unique experiences as Hoyas in Doha. This will help you know more about life at Georgetown as an international and a local student. Without further ado, meet our desert Hoyas:


My name is Lawrence from the Class of 2026, and I come from the Philippines. I’m currently planning on majoring in either International Politics (IPOL) or Culture and Politics (CULP). I’m also really interested in philosophy, theology, linguistics, and literature and I usually read books on these topics during my free time. I also enjoy learning different languages and I currently speak English, Spanish, French and Tagalog.

For me, the best thing about Georgetown is its diversity. Everyday is a learning experience because my friends and classmates usually share things about their own countries and cultures. Also, the class discussions at GU-Q are fun and thought-provoking because everyone has the opportunity to participate. The student body is also very active. We have a lot of clubs to join and events to participate in every week.


Hey, I’m Anupa, a first year student from Nepal. In my free time, you’ll see me watching tons of YouTube videos. My current favorite channel is ‘Mrwhosetheboss’(do give him a watch). 

My favorite spot at GU-Q is the hill that I am sitting on in this picture. Every day, after finishing our classes, my friends and I rush to this hill to watch the amazing sunset. Also, I love the vibrancy of Education City. There are events happening every other day and you get to meet new people and form real connections.


Hello, everybody! 

My name is Mariana and I am a first year student at Georgetown University in Qatar from Brazil. Among my many hobbies are photography, writing, and listening to music – Bossa Nova and Jazz are two of my favorite genres. As an extroverted person, I love delving into conversations with people and learning about their backgrounds. I am very happy to be part of Desert Hoya!

So far I’ve loved my time in Doha because of the people I have met here. It is very vibrant and diverse, it feels like I have the chance to see the whole world in a single city. I am really excited to explore Qatar more in the coming years!


Hi! I’m Farkhunda Fazelyar from Afghanistan. I love KPOP- the dance, dramas, variety shows, and Korean culture. I enjoy different physical activities especially swimming 

I usually like my own space, which I have been getting since becoming a college student. However, when my social battery is all charged up, I spend time with friends and classmates. I’m glad to have been able to spend time with my desert hoya crew!


My name is Nafisa and I come from Uzbekistan. I love playing basketball and volleyball and taking part in marathon competitions. One of the things I love about Georgetown is the cultural diversity. Although I was born in Central Asia, I grew up amongst third culture kids coming from different continents around the world. This exposed me to different cultures and I learned to become more open-minded about the real-life issues happening around us. Being a Desert Hoya gives me an opportunity to work and collaborate with representatives of different countries and cultures. We don’t just share our experiences with prospective students but we also create memories with each other. I am grateful for this opportunity. Hoya Saxa!


Hello! My name is Nelly Kalukango, a first year student from Zambia. I am enjoying being a Desert Hoya because there is absolutely so much to love about Georgetown and Qatar in general.  I like exploring the city during my free time and learning about this rich culture.


I am Zain Fanik from Jordan, a sophomore majoring in Culture and Politics. Fun fact about me: I spend 90% of my time at the GU-Q library. My favorite drink is Boba tea and my favorite food is Shawarma. I also love embroidering and baking. 

What I love about Education City (EC) is how convenient it is. You can go anywhere using the tram or the metro. There are also many places to visit in Education City like the Qatar National library, Oxygen Park, the Farmer’s market and the Multaqa Student Center. It is also home to the Education City Stadium which will be hosting many matches during the FIFA World Cup 2022. I can’t wait to go watch the games and feel the excitement in the air.

That’s a wrap! We hope to see some of you online and in-person soon.

The Desert Hoya Crew