Planet Georgetown

General Information

Planet Georgetown invites students in years 9, 10, 11 and 12 of high school to explore the world of today in order to shape the world of tomorrow. Planet Georgetown is a year-long initiative dedicated to helping local high school students prosper in their current academic setting to prepare them to become successful university students and lifelong learners.

Planet Georgetown provides students with enriching workshops and growth opportunities throughout the year. The program is comprised of twice-a-month interactive workshops as well as a week long After School Program in the spring, all geared towards personal and academic skills building.

Georgetown University - Qatar is steadfast in its commitment to the wider community in Qatar and therefore the Planet Georgetown program is free of cost for all high school students in Qatar. In addition to learning and developing new skills, students get the opportunity to meet professors, staff members and current Georgetown students during this program. Students also receive a certificate of participation for each workshop that they attend.

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