Official Transcripts 

Official Transcripts with a Georgetown University seal and signature of the University Registrar for students and graduates of Georgetown University, Qatar can be requested:

  • In person from the Associate Registrar’s office in Doha (GUQ Building, room 1D13).
  • Mail or fax (+974 4457-8231) by completing a signed Transcript Request Form
  • Email us from your Georgetown email address with an electronic signature.
  • Online through MyAccess (please note that this request goes directly to the main campus in Washington DC and the transcript is thus NOT available in Qatar). This method can be used if you need the transcripts to be mailed to another university in the USA/Canada.

Please provide complete information to facilitate accurate processing of transcript requests:

  • Former students and alumni must provide full name while attending Georgetown
  • GU student ID# (or date of birth)
  • Academic program and years of attendance or date of graduation
  • Complete street mailing address to which transcript should be sent. Please note that at present Georgetown does not issue electronic versions of transcripts, only hard paper transcripts.
  • Signature

Special delivery conditions during Covid-19 remote working:

If the University staff are working remotely, requests for transcripts must include the following information:

  • For transcripts required in Qatar: the full street delivery address (blue plate information) and a contact telephone number. Once the transcript has been issued by the Associate Registrar for GU-Q, a GU-Q driver will deliver it to the given address. When students are able to access the GU-Q building the transcripts will be placed in their GUQ mail box in the basement at the Mail Room.
  • For transcripts to be sent outside of Qatar: a full street delivery address and contact telephone number. Transcripts will be sent via DHL courier service.

Release of Records Permission

Third parties (employers, government agencies) requesting transcripts must present a signed release for educational records from the student per FERPA guidelines.

Conditions for Issuance of Transcripts

The University issues a transcript which reflects the complete student record under the following conditions.

  • All financial obligations to the University must be settled.
  • Transcripts will made available by pick-up only (with picture ID) or sent by mail. Transcripts may not be faxed or emailed.

Processing Times for Transcripts

Transcripts are available year-round except for current students at the end of the semester during grade processing. Transcript requests are usually processed within three (3) business days (Sunday to Thursday) – requests received on Thursday, Friday or Saturday will begin processing on the following Sunday. During peak periods, such as the start and end of the semester, there may be delays in processing requests.

Unofficial Transcripts 

Unofficial Transcripts (current or previous) are available online from MyAccess:

  • Use NetID and password to log in and print your student record.
  • For those who graduated after 1979, if you never had a NetID, please contact the Alumni Records Office at (202) 687-1994 for a registration number to create a NetID and password.

Diploma Attestation for Qatar

For attestation to work in Qatar,  the GU-Q graduate needs to bring the original diploma and translation to the office of the Associate Registrar for GU-Qatar. S/he will make copies and certify the copies, then place them in a stamped sealed envelope. The originals together with the  copies in the sealed envelope are then taken to the Qatar Foundation Government Affairs office to be stamped by QF. The stamped certified copies can then be taken to the relevant Ministry for attestation.

Confirmation of Enrollment letters 

GU-Q students who require a letter of confirmation of enrollment as a full-time student should request this from the Associate Registrar for GU-Q by email. The following information is required:

  • Full names
  • GU student ID number
  • Date started at GU-Q (e.g. Fall 2016)
  • Expected graduation date (e.g. May 2020)
  • Major (if declared)
  • Language of foreign proficiency (state if completed in or still in progress)

If the letter is for the purposes of obtaining a visa for travel to another country, then in addition to the above information the following is required:

  • Name of country to be visited
  • Dates of travel (start and end dates)
  • Purpose of travel.