Africana Studies Minor

The Africana Studies Minor is an interdisciplinary, joint minor program shared with Northwestern University in Qatar (Northwestern Qatar). Africana Studies provides critical understanding of African cultures and societies both within the African continent and in global contexts. Although foregrounding continental perspectives, Africana studies also includes African diasporic studies, whether in an American, European, or Asian context.

About the Program

The minor covers the length and breadth of Africa and its diaspora through a growing range of disciplines. Courses offered include: anthropology, history, literature, media and communication studies, political science, religious studies and theology. Students are therefore in a position to engage multiple subjects from a rich range of perspectives, explore varied methodologies and theoretical frameworks as well as interdisciplinary studies.


  • Six courses from the list of Africana Studies recognized courses at GU-Q and Northwestern Qatar.* Note that courses may not be offered every semester. It is important to consult early with your academic advisor to plan a course of study.
  • One course from a collaborating institution. For Northwestern Qatar students, at least one course at GU-Q; for GU-Q students, at least one course at Northwestern Qatar.
  • One “core” course. All other courses can be “electives.” Core courses can also be taken as electives.
  • Minimum Grade Requirement. Students must receive a grade of C or higher in each qualifying course.
  • Capstone Project. students should complete either a thesis, ePortfolio or a standard portfolio. Learn more about capstone projects.

*Note: Students can make a case for another course or independent study in Education City or elsewhere as a qualifying course. These will be considered on a case-by-case basis by the Africana Studies Steering Committee.

Minor Timeline

Completing a minor requires careful planning to ensure you are taking courses which count toward Africana Studies, and are able to complete the original research capstone in time.