Student Board

The Georgetown University in Qatar MUN Student Board was established in Spring 2012. It is responsible for the overall content of the annual high school MUN conference hosted by GU-Q. The board decides on the conference theme, topics, committees, and chairs.

Board members are responsible for training both GU-Q and high school students in the procedures of the conference. The board sets the schedule of training and organizes the Local School Training Day. The board is also in charge of editing and reviewing the background guides.

Within the committees, the board members who chair are responsible for setting the tone and professionalism of the conference. Finally, the board votes on the annual positions of Secretary General and Deputy Secretary General.

MUN Board 2019-2020

Secretary General – Fiza ShahzadFiza is a junior majoring in International History and a certificate in Arab and Regional Studies. She was raised in Pakistan and is of Kashmiri descent. As the Secretary General, she is responsible for the content of the conference. When not running to a MUN meeting, she can be found at the Office of Student Development, attending an Honor Council meeting, or occasionally dancing in the performing arts studio. When she is not at Georgetown, she can be found reading a book, binge-watching a netflix series, or exploring Doha (more specifically, a shopping mall). She is very excited to welcome you to the Georgetown Qatar campus in February. 

Deputy Secretary General – Khushboo ShahKhushboo is a sophomore from the class of 2022. She is passionate about research focusing on steps to political stability in conflict regions, cultural pluralism, and finding solutions for climate change. She hopes to be someone that delegates and chairs can reach out to for learning and guidance throughout the conference.

Head of Communications – Ngoc Nguyen

Ngoc is a junior majoring in culture and politics and minoring in economics. As the head of communications, you will see her around with her camera and notepad to produce the latest updates on the conference. She was raised in Hanoi and Washington DC and still thinks they have the best food. She is passionate about ethical journalism and runs the campus student publication The Georgetown Gazette. In her free time, she enjoys weight-lifting and training for marathons with the Georgetown Track and Field Team.

Assistant Head of Communications – Zixuan Wang

Zixuan is a sophomore majoring in Culture and Politics. She will be serving as the Deputy Head of Communications. Zixuan has been involved in MUN for the past five years and worked as a member of the Press team in last year’s Georgetown MUN. She believes MUN is a place for students to get a deeper understanding of world issues, and also refine their public speaking and diplomatic skills. As an iPhone photographer, vlogger, and self-made chef, she believes that the best works can be done by using the simplest tools. This year, through working with a team of the best and brightest, she hopes to present Georgetown MUN XV to your eyes in the most straightforward way. In addition to MUN, Zixuan is a member of the Georgetown Ambassador Society and is currently working with the World Innovation Summit for Education (WISE) for this year’s conference and summits.

Head of Operation – Zoya Farid

Zoya is a sophomore at GU-Q majoring in Culture and Politics and minoring in Government. She will be serving as the Head of Operations for GMUN 2020. Zoya has been actively involved in MUN for the past couple of years. Some of you would remember her from last year’s conference where she chaired SPECPOL. In addition to MUN, she is an active member of many other student clubs such as the Honor Council and the Hoya Empowerment and Leadership Program. This year she will also be serving as the Faculty Liaison Director for the Annual Undergraduate Research Conference. Zoya is the kind of person who puts her heart into any and every task assigned to her. She is working tirelessly with the entire team of GMUN to make this year’s conference up to par and memorable for all those participating. Feel free to reach out to her in case of queries.

Assistant Head of Operations – Aimen Khan

Aimen is a 20 year old International economics major and a sports enthusiast. She has not done many MUN conferences before this but she does know what constitutes a fun conference. She is looking forward to opportunities of innovation and making this year’s conference an unforgettable experience for everyone. Apart from her socializing tendencies, she loves to play basketball and engaging in women empowerment activism. Cooking and exploring new places is also one of her fortes. She is thrilled and excited to be hosting the conference and is looking forward to learning, developing, and most importantly having fun through this experience.