About Taking a Minor

Choosing Multiple Programs

Students may complete any combination of three programs such as:

  • One major and two minors
  • One major, one minor, and one certificate
  • One major and two certificates
  • GU-Q students may not double major

Available Minors

The following minors are available at GU-Q:

Credits and Double Course Counting

  • Students are allowed to pursue two programs in addition to their major such as two minors, one minor and one certificate, or two certificates.
  • Students may double-count up to two School of Foreign Service-specific core requirements towards any minor, excluding the Freshman Proseminar and the introductory history requirement.
  • There can be no double counting of courses between or among programs (major and minor, minor and certificate, minor and minor, or certificate and certificate), except in cases of seven-course certificates or minors that explicitly allow for the double counting of one course between two programs. Up to two courses may double-count between a certificate and a major.
  • For transfer credit within a minor (e.g. AP, study abroad, or non-GU credit) please consult the Bulletin. In general, a student may count no more than three courses from outside Georgetown towards the minor and generally only one study abroad course.

How to Declare a Minor

To declare the minor, review the requirements, ensure that you can complete the requirements for the minor in time for graduation, then complete the Arabic Minor Declaration Form, or the Minor Declaration Form for all other minors. If you have any questions about the minor requirements and your graduation, please consult your advising dean.

Pursuing Other Minors

On occasion students have pursued other minors available to SFS students on the Washington, DC campus. If you are interested in this option, please speak with your advising dean. Please be aware that students pursuing main campus minors will not be given priority in the relevant courses. Priority in courses is reserved for students completing their core and major requirements. GU-Q students may not pursue main campus certificates.