Course Schedule

To view the Online Schedule of Classes for SFS-Q, please click on this link and follow the instructions below:

Schedule of Courses via MyAccess (click here to open in new window)




  1. If you want to view all the courses offered at SFS-Q in a given semester, select all subjects. A shortcut for selecting all subjects is to click on the first subject, scroll to the last subject, hold the "shift" key and then click on the last subject.  If you want to see a specific subject only, select that subject.  

  2. Click on "Main Campus"

    Note: For the purposes of the Online Schedule of Classes, SFS-Q is considered "Main Campus".

  3. In the "Part of Term" field, highlight "SFS-Q", as shown in the below screenshot.

    Class Schedule Search

  4. Make sure the "Instructor" and "Attribute Type" fields default to "All", as shown in the above screenshot.

    Note: This will bring up the list of all courses offered at SFS-Q for the selected semester. You can narrow your search by selecting other options, however, be careful to select "SFS-Q" as "Part of Term" each time to ensure that you are only searching among courses offered at the Doha Campus.

  5. Click the "Class Search" button at the bottom of the page shown in the above screenshot.